Monday, October 11, 2010

Wisniewski Tells Avery He Blew It

...wonder if a suspension is forth coming for Wisniewski? If it was the other way around Bettman would have already announced a 10-game suspension for Avery.

...h/t to Puck Daddy.

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Jack said...

SO much trash talking goes on in the league. I guess the hand gesture was a bit much but...hilarious none the less.

Rick said...

I would like to see Buttman try and explain that to his daughter. LMAO at the inconsistency of this league.

Jesse said...

Avery's comment:
“It’s pretty obvious what the guy was doing,” Avery said. “But I’m sure nothing will happen to him. Because nothing ever happens. It’s interesting he’d get a warning for something like that. Imagine what
would happen if I did it. (Heck), they sent me to rehab.”

Gary said...

Absolutely hilarous. I died laughing when I saw it. Can't wait for him to get suspended though.

JIMBO said...

Of course it would be a 10 game suspension for Avery because he is a classless ***hole, let's face it!