Friday, October 29, 2010

A Little Friday Humor

Zherdev demoted to the Flyers' fourth line during their practice yesterday..that didn't take long..less than a minute ago via web

...hilarious. Another team finding out they're not the ones to fix Zherdev.

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Dave said...

kev, glasshouses dude!

Chris said...

Zherdev isnt worth the money you say!?

Hey, Copernicus! I think the Earth orbits the sun!.

Evan S said...

I guess its better that the Rangers didn't bring him back then even though I wanted them to. He never played on the 4th line in New York, even as much as Tortorella hated him.

theking said...

Zherdev is a shame. I love his skills. He was exciting to watch but didnt show case it every night when he was a Ranger. It just seems like he lacks the dedication and the fire other elite players have.