Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rangers 2, Maple Leafs 1

The New York Rangers (2-2-1) defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs (4-1-1) by the score of 2-1, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...i wish this team can play like that all the time. Oustanding forechek, great work in the neutral zone and none-stop hard work. If the Rangers want to have any semblance of a successful season they have to, have to, have to play this way every night. happy as I was with the effort, I still would have liked to see them get back at Armstrong. Was I the only one who wanted to punch him in the face after he scored?

...with a back-to-back this weekend might not be the worst thing to give Biron another game after an effort like that.

...Lundqvist must be wondering where all those blocked shots are when he plays. Eminger and the Rangers put up their best defensive effort of the early season. Coincidence? I think not. Which I predicted.

...Boogaard/Orr lived up to the billing as the two heavy weights showed why they're the best. Some might say Boogaard lost because Orr threw him down, but that to me doesn't make a win or loss. Looked like a tie to me. seeing Fedotenko sell out on the goal.

...i never thought Anisimov would become this good this fast. In my opinion, he was the best player on the ice.

...still concerned about all the penalties. PK bailed them out tonight.

...Stepan looked more like the player who scored a hat trick in Buffalo then the one who's looked a little lost lately.

...Callahan is a warrior. I just love watching him play.

...while Gustavsson was outstanding tonight, the Rangers need to start burying their shots. Missed the net on a number of golden opportunities. tomorrow then on to Beantown.

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Scott said...

Well said, Kevin. I'd also like to point out that I think Dan Girardi was fantastic tonight (and has looked very strong thus far). He and Anisimov are on my short list for most improved.

Evan S said...

Frolov looks like he is squeezing his stick, he missed a few key opportunities tonight and the pressure of scoring without Gaborik in the lineup might be getting to him. He needs to step it up soon.

Del Zotto was also good tonight, very impressed with how the young guys have all taken steps forward.

sfalcon27 said...

white needs to go and grachev can take his place. he seemed to do nothing all game, until he was benched. good game for the kids and feds though. Still cant get over how many times callahan was robbed (3 or 4 by my count). also, am i just seeing things or did armstrongs goal come off of a hand pass?

Jack said...

Frolov had a few good puck possession shifts — that's what he does. He's not really a graceful player a la "Zherdev" like everyone says he is (even though they had never seen an L.A. game) — he's a trench guy — granted he has to create more opportunities for himself.

Callahan is ridiculous but he's no golden boy — dude really doesn't have a great shot.

Del Zotto is a beast. Biron...clutch saves. The Rangers were poke checking like crazy tonight, good stuff.

Anyone watch the CBC feed? Man they love Del Zotto and Anisimov.

Jack said...

Also, no way Todd White is 5-10. Get MZA in there!

theking said...


Replace Todd White with Grachev?? Did you watch any preseason games?? Grachev is garbage and is far from playing in the NHL. Kennedy or MZA deserve a shot way before your boy Grachev. Let go its ok. Biron played awesome. I honestly think if Henrik was in net we would have lost. I feel Henrik has not played to his potential yet this season would like to see Biron get some more games.

I agree with everything Kevin said. When this team works the way it did from the first drop of the puck to the last second we will win a lot of games. Thats the benefit of being younger.

JoeR said...

Note to Torts: leave these defensive pairings and let them get used to each other and develop. Especially Sauer - he plays simple and unflashy but smart and we need guys like that to anchor the blue line. NO MORE EMINGER.

Evan W said...

Great win tonight boys

But i cant help but feel like the defensive effort was a fluke. Or maybe just straight up over-acheiveing because of Biron in net. The way I see it is the defense felt like it had to compensate for the drop-off between Hank and Biron. They dont play as hard because of the confidence in Hank to bail them out. It's past the level of trusting him to the point of being overly comfortable.

I just dont see the Rangers playing defensively solid (like tonight) on a regular basis.

-DO said...

Evan, I agree. I was thinking the same thing. With Biron in net, the team felt like there was no fall-back if they botched the D. So, they were all going down, blocking shots, and putting tons of pressure on the puck-carrier to get them to cough it up. It worked.

Maybe Torts should play Biron for the next 2-3 games (other than b-t-b) and see if any good habits develop.

Anonymous said...

Prust had an awesome game but seems to be overlooked. He showed that he is able to do whatever is needed depending on the role torts gives him, whether it be playing a solid game or dropping the gloves. I was really impressed with him last night.

koz said...

Was think the same about AFro, Jack. He's a lot like Jagr down low and in the corners with the way he uses his body and protects the puck. Unlike Jagr, he doesn't seem to want the puck or have the ability to create anything for himself.

Solid effort, with emphasis on effort. They've showed some flashes of this for shorter stretches in most of the games this season. Torts is on the money, they have to play 60 minutes at that level every night to be a competitive team.

Rick said...

At Evan and Do: I look at the way they played last night as a Torts game. It was per script the way Torts had the TBL playing when they won the cup. Blocking shots everywhere, puck control and control of the neutral zone. Attacking constantly in a quick transition game. Now that the players had played this game-the onus is now on the players to be consistent and put forth the effort each night.

rusty said...

This is the type of effort we should expect to see every night. There may be a talent gap, especially now with the injuries, but there is no reason that every player shouldn't give an all out effort every game. If they play with that intensity then I have no problem with the team, even if they lose the game.

Pete8 said...

Suprise suprise see what happens when everyone is on the same page and plays thier asses off?!?
They keep playing like last night and it will send strong messages to the me.
boogie fight, while entertaining, has zero influence on the game or league.

great win by our boys!