Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rangers 2, Maple Leafs 0

The New York Rangers (5-4-1) defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs (5-4-1) by the score of 2-0, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...this team is awesome, this team stinks, this team is awesome, this team stinks. Get ready for a roller coaster ride this season folks. Do yourself a favor and try to stay as even keeled as possible, because no matter how good or bad they play at certain points this season the Rangers are going to be fighting for one of the final two or three spots nothing more and nothing less.

...after his teammates left him out to dry last night it was so great to see the team help Hank out with 35 blocked shots and let him take care of the rest.

...has Boyle turned himself into the scoring, power forward the Rangers have always coveted? BTW Rangers management needs to make it mandatory that every player workout with Boyle's power skating coach next offseason. The results are dramatic.

...i'm running out of adjectives to describe Callahan.

...if there's one thing Torts can do is call a timeout. It seems like the team responds every time.

...another great defensive game from Girardi who may be overtaking Staal as the Rangers best defenseman.

...speaking of Staal do you think Micheletti was impressed with his stickwork tonight? If you took a drink every time he commented on it you'd be bombed right now.

...thought Christensen played well with Frolov tonight as the Russian wasn't completely invisible.

...nice too see the Rangers real tough guy set the tone early with a fight. And what's up with another Maple Leafs player going for the take down when they're losing a fight? (See Orr vs. Boogaard last week.)

...wonder if Stepan and Grachev were taking about how great the Traverse Tourney was during the 52 minutes they were stuck to the bench tonight.

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Evan S said...

don't look now, but Boyle is second on the team with 4 goals. If he can step up one more level, the team just fount one formidable center at a gaping 6'7.

AnnoyingJoe said...

That Boyle goal was Messier-like. Thats right, I said it. just the backhand thing.

During the summer, there were quite a few comments disparaging Callahan. Duh?

Why isn't Avery chirping?

Who's this #31?

Prust. What a steal.

Say what you want, Eminger throws his body around.

Stepan needs time in the AHL.

Henrik. He really is that good.

Speaking of Micheletti, how many people were afraid that he wouldn't have come close to filling J.D.'s shoes(Me)? How wrong were we? He is just the right mix - objective and insightful, and he pulls not so much for the team, but for each individual. He's been a great replacement.

theking said...

I missed the game because my dog got out of the yard and a car hit him. Tried rushing him to 24/7 animal hospital but he didn't make it. After everyone calmed down I took a look at the score and it was nice to see that they won.

davegeddis said...

Prust was a joy to watch, no fear at all. And Boyle has really stepped up. I must admit i feared the worst in the 2nd period last night when the leafs were banging on the door but hank held firm!

LI Joe said...

sorry about your dog bro. i know most dog owners feel like the dog is member of the family

Kevin DeLury said...

theking, sorry to hear about your dog. That is just awful news.