Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Headlines

Bergen Record - Rangers beat Leafs, 2-1, as cooler heads prevail

Bergen Record - Rangers notes: More practice time

New York Post - Solid team effort powers Rangers

New York Post - Biron gives Rangers a lift in net

Daily News - Biron shuts door on Maple Leafs in debut

Newsday - Biron makes 24 saves in Rangers win

Newsday - Lundqvist gets first night off of season

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Rick said...

Last nights game was a typical Torts coached game. Alot of gap control, alot of blocking shots(more blocked than actually SOG, control of the puck was on the positive side. A little out of character was using the 4th line as much as he did. Now comes the hard part with this team-being consistent at playing that game.
Now it falls on the players and team leadership to show up each game with the same attitude.

KCinMN said...

Refs were bad again. Stepan's interference call was brutal. Prust's hooking call was a joke. What I don't understand is why the refs don't convene to make the right call, even if it's to say we made a mistake and blew the whistle when there was no foul. The high ref had to have seen the Leaf's player clamp his arm down to hold Prust's stick in his armpit. If they're going to send Prust to the box, they've got to send the Leaf's player too. That's the only way the refs will gain respect and stop players from faking/selling fouls.

KCinMN said...

All I'm asking for is the refs and linesmen to make the right call more often, e.g. refs didn't see Avery slash Komisarek, but the linesman did see it and they rightfully sent Avery to the box.

Rick said...

KC: agree with the call on Prust-if you call the hook and the stick does not belong in the mid-drift of another player than you got to call the hold on the Leafs player as well. There has to be more of a concerned effort to get the calls right from league officials or they appear to be a bunch of bungling idiots yr after yr. which is not far from the truth.
The only disservice I see is that of the slow motion review for the fans. Let fans make the determination calls under normal speed. Its not fair to umps/refs etc to have their judgements reticuled under a 1/25th of a second frame exposure.