Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sjostrom: Sometimes Avery Ruins It for His Team

Rob Longley at Slam Sports has numerous quotes from current Maple Leaf and former Ranger Freddie Sjostrom on Sean Avery's ability to get his opponent off their game in prep of tomorrow's game...

“He’s a talented player, that’s for sure and he has the ability to upset whoever he plays against,” said Sjostrom, who was a teammate with Avery in New York for one and a half seasons. “Sometimes it can be really good, sometimes it will work against you.

“Sometimes he skates on a very thin line. He’ll get guys so riled up and pissed off that they can’t play. Sometimes he goes over that line and ruins it for his team.”

Longley adds that Avery promises to be a central character in tomorrow’s rematch against the Maple Leafs, one that could be full of emotion due to Avery's two-handed slash to Komisarek and Colby Armstrong's hit from behind on Marian Gaborik.

...pretty spot on assessment from Sjostrom.

...time for Boogaard to earn his money by letting the league know that no one touches the Rangers best player without paying for it. Hopefully Torts gives him the opportunity.

...h/t to reader Andrea.

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Shurshik14 said...

Key phrase "Hope Torts gives him the opportunity"

Rick said...

True; lets hope that 1.6M is not being wasted for what he is being paid to do. Screw the team toughness routine when someone throws down the gauntlet

AnnoyingJoe said...

What the hell is Boogaard going to do? He cant force someone to fight him, and he's too slow to use his size effectively

Chris said...

Im with Joe, there... its not like hes fast enough to actually hit someone or truly be effective.

... and the only time Torts puts him on the ice is in a scenario when no one is going to fight him for the sake of fighting.

Against Toronto, he was out there against Orr when the rangers looked down-and-out.. even Orr is smart enough not to potentially give the rangers any momentum with a fight vs Boogaard.

And then Sean Avery did his thing... even if he took a 'bad' penalty against Armstrong. It still gave the Rangers the kick that they needed to get things going.

Avery > Boogaard

Shurshik14 said...

Very good points on Boogard here:

Kevin DeLury said...

When the Rangers signed Boogaard there was lots of talk that he can change a game with his big hit ability. So there is plenty of opportunity for him to make a difference without fighting.

AnnoyingJoe said...

I truly hope your right, Kevin, but I havent't seen him assert himself in the offensive zone.

Whether its his fault or Tort's fault for not giving him opportunities...I guess we will see.

Puck Central said...

How can anyone say Boogaard hasn't shown them anything? He had a legit scoring attempt against the NYI and was immediately summoned to the bench and play less than 2 mins. Then against the Leafs he had a bautiful outlet pass resulting in a goal. Then against the Avs he gets 2 mins again.

WTF can he do? He's being benched and he's done nothing wrong. At this rate Torts will win Boogaard the Lady Byng!

Shurshik14 said...

Agree with Puck Central 100%

Rick said...

Agree with Puck Central- the guy needs to be on the ice to be effective. Tough job being on the otherside of the fence and all you can do is yell.

@AnnoyingJoe-all he has to do is skate and nail a few with his hits.
Fighting is not the only way to make a point-run the goalie, hit Armstrong from behind.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Rick - Fighting is definitely not the only way to make a point. Would be great to see him antagonize on the level of an Avery. I'm only not sure that he has the speed necessary to get to opposing players to hit them/forecheck with regularity.

But that's not to say he's been trash, and Puck Central is right; he needs alot more icetime to show what he can do. I just have my doubts.