Sunday, October 24, 2010

Redden Could Become Free Agent Next Season

Larry Brooks at the New York Post says next offseason if Wade Redden decides not to report to Hartford after the Rangers again waive him (as obligated in order to remove his $6.5 million charge from the 2011-12 cap) the Blueshirts would be able to terminate his contract under terms of the CBA and the veteran defenseman would become a free agent. have to wonder if Redden would consider this scenario just for a chance to return to the NHL because there is no way a team would be interested in him when his contract is over in three years. But man he'd be losing a lot of money.

...i think a lot depends on how well he plays in Hartford and if any other teams are interested. Right now Redden has six points (1g, 5a) in eight games.

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icycup said...

dude, if we've all learned anything about wade it is that its all about the money. he will be in the ahl collecting his paycheck until the end of his contract. not only that, hes so out of touch with reality and in such denial, he will wonder why there are no talks to resign him.

Rick said...

I can't say I agree with that statement although I can see Redden playing out the contract. I just think that he has more pride than that to suck it up in the AHL. He showed anger when benched last year so there is some emotion and pride being demonstrated. As stated it will all depend on how this year goes in the AHL. But he is still a good calibre player who should command around a 3M contract. I think he takes the leap.

icycup said...

theres NO way he takes a %50 paycut. before that even, there's NO way a team offers him 3 mil a year? are you serious? 3mil? this has to be glen sather posting here incognito. a good calibre player? no he isnt. hes done in this league.

3mil a year! LOL.

Rick said...

I think you are a little out of touch with reality. I still see a player who can still make the 1st pass out of the zone, still can control the gaps and play the lanes. Still has the ability to stick handle and is a good skater. What I don't like is his salary and lack of offense to justify that salary. He was never a shutdown D, but was always adequate and responsible in his own zone. Every D makes mistakes, every D looks like a fool at times. I just don't see a worthless baboon on skates like you do. Thats fine though-you have your opinion and I have mine.

icycup said...

1st pass out of zone

play lanes

close the gap

yup. a babboon could do that. and you think he should get 3 mil for it. now really, who is out of touch with reality?

your honor, i rest my case.

LI Joe said...

he's not walking from 6.5 mm. his wife and agent won't allow that. noneof us would walk from it either.

and amnesty buyout is very possible in 2012 so he's ahl this yr and next and then gets 2/3 or whatever new cba formula will state to end the contract. then he can sign elsewhere for 1-2 mm. seems like he's been a good soldier causing no problems down in hartford.

Rick said...

Funny- what else is there for a D to do? control the lanes and gaps, 1st pass, skate and stick handle. He is not a hitter-never was never will be, thus can't command the big bucks that a hitter can, he no longer can create offense from the point, thus he can't command the big bucks that an offensive defenseman can. What is left is a middle of the road salary for a vet.