Sunday, October 24, 2010

More TheNYR Readers in Enemy Territory

On Friday I posted pics and a recap of TheNYRBlog reader M Budz's trip to Buffalo for opening night, now comes this a pic of reader Chris with his wife before last night's 3-2 Rangers win at TD Garden.

...wonder if Chris had to sleep on the couch last night?

...what's up with the statue of a Bruins player tripping? Sort of stupid. ;)

...all these pics in enemy territory has given me a great idea for a new contest. To be announced this week!!!!

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bpette02 said...

That was a joke about player tripping, right?

Chris said...

I believe that yes, it was a joke, based on the ;) after it.

Fortunately, I didnt have to sleep on the couch. She came away with a solid night in my family's Fantasy hockey league so thay helped ease the blow, haha.

Kevin DeLury said...

Bpette, what do you mean joke?

LI Joe said...

chris - nice looking wife so you're excused for marrying a bruins fan

not sure if people are joking. re the bruin that is orr flying through the air when he scored ot winner vs the blues for a bost cup

chris said...

we sat last row in boston last night, excellent game

Kevin DeLury said...

Yes Joe, I was kidding.

mike said...

a friendly enemy territory competition..i like how it sounds Kev