Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Torts Doesn't Want White to Lose Confidence

Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog has this quote from John Tortorella on Todd White's lack of playing time...

“I don’t want him to lose confidence because he’s not getting the minutes,” Tortorella said. “He’s a veteran enough player and a mature enough player to see that the other three lines are playing pretty well. So that’s where we’re at. That could change, as we go through, if some guys start struggling, and I have the luxury of a guy that can play defense and also contribute offensively. He understands that now, and the biggest thing I want him to work through is not to lose his confidence because of this role that he’s in right now.”

...i'm sure White knew the deal coming in. He should be thrilled he's even on an NHL team right now. I'm not worried about his confidence b/c he'll be back in the press box once players start to return from injury.

Torts also talks about the maturation of Brandon Dubinsky...

“You see the situations I’ve put him in,” Tortorella said. “He’s maturing, he’s handled himself very well this year. Very well.”

...big difference in Torts assessment of Dubi this year than last.

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chef dave said...

Nothing personal against White, who knows what he really has left, but he just seems like a distraction. When he can't find minutes with 3 starting forwards out then he needs to be dealt for a 6th round pick in 2015 or something. We have too many people in Hartford to call up if need be.

bklyn rich said...

I Don't Know About You But I See A Change Even In Torts This Season Doesn't Seem To Be As Stubborn/Short Tempered On The Bench.
Did I Hear Pantera Rage Against On The P.A. The Other Night?

LI Joe said...

white is not tradeable - we dumped brashear to get him and atl bought brashear out right away. but i don't think he's a distraction at all. have not seen one instance of him whining about playing. if he;s our problem we're in for a good season.

re dubinsky - yes just like betts he's done very well on the pk and in defending last minute of play of game (which are both critical times of games) so on those fronts kudos to him. then again its a contract yr so that could be the reason he's playing more inspired.

Ryan Taussig said...

I Dubi has also stepped it up on offense quite a bit. He's making fantastic plays. Plays he definitely wouldn't have made with this level of consistency last year. He's finding the pass and he's finding the net too.

Kevin DeLury said...

LI Joe, saw the Andrew Gross post on you today, nice to see him stick up for one of his readers.

Although, I am a little insulted, I thought my blog was the only one you visted.

Kidding of course.

LI Joe said...

yes kevin lots of headaches from the imposter. yes i go here and 1 other fan blog - but don't comment there due to registration.

also do go to newsday - registered there and blueshirt bulletin which only has about 4 people commentating. they used to have a ton of links there - actually too many. now i get my links from you and the other fan blog although i almost always go here 1st - after andrew and newsday.

periodically i do tell people about your blog as you are a great source of info with all the links.

don't know if you're lucky or not but basically i only comment 3 places that have a fair sized comment area - here and the 2 papers.

LI Joe said...


by the way - the imposter certainly has read my comments going back 3-4 yrs to other sites citing matt cullen and stuff

Kevin DeLury said...

That is nuts Joe.

Thanks for passing along the word on my blog and all of your thoughts and insights.