Thursday, October 21, 2010

Video: Torts, Players Talk Tonight's Game @ Leafs

John Tortorella speaks to reporters following an Oct. 20 practice in preparation for the team's game at Toronto here.

Henrik Lundqvist and Derek Stepan discuss the upcoming game against Toronto here.

Todd White and Erik Christensen talk about the upcoming game at Toronto here.

Brandon Prust and Marc Staal discuss special teams and look ahead to Toronto here.

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Adam Brett said...

Hey Kev,

wanted your opinion on a few items and i wasnt able to make the live chat last night

first, why the hell would we send down valentenko after the preseason? dont say inexperience because the more i see eminger play the more i wanna throw myself into oncoming traffic, a guy with a huge shot from the point and who loves to hit, something we dont have at all, let him learn on the job damn it!

also, our PP looks as it has looked for the past few seasons with nobody wanting to shoot the damn puck, rosival just plain sucks back there, but what i really dont understand is why torts is willing to put todd effin white on the PP but not boyle.. why not just let boyle stand in front of the net and bother the crap outta the goalie?

another item..

why is it that every team in the NHL has set plays and the rangers dont?

that is all for now

Kevin DeLury said...


I'm sorry to say there is no other answer other than inexperience. What's even more puzzling about the move is that both McD and Valentenko are left handed and now the Rangers are stuck with playing Gilroy, Sauer or Eminger out of position.

Tough to be good on power play when best player is out, but it could be a blessing in disguise as it should force them to simplify things. Like you say get the puck to the point and bomb away looking for tips and garbage goals.

Assuming the Rangers do have set plays but can't execute.

Adam Brett said...

oh and sending down kennedy instead of white was pure genius right?

when it comes down to it, incompetence is the core reason why we are stuck in mediocrity

torts WILL be fired before the season is over, you heard it here first

you cant blame lack of passion on our inexperience, if anything the amount of youth on this team should lead to a hunger and desire to play hard, i dont see that

rusty said...

I think that a big problem on the power play is that the Rangers seem to stand around a lot instead of moving to get open. This allows the four defenders to clog the shooting and passing lanes. The fans get frustrated when they don't shoot, but often the guy that gets the puck has no real shot.
I watched the Avs and how the constant movement on the PP created openings and forced the Rangers to make quick adjustments. The difference was stark.

LI Joe said...

adam - i guess 29 other teams were pretty dumb too for passing on kennedy on waivers.

i hope you skip the 2nd ranger goal if you taped it as you would be disappointed by the nice pass by rozy