Saturday, October 23, 2010

Prust Update & Quotes

Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants reports that Brandon Prust checked out fine when examined by doctors at the nearby Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Prust will be able to fly home with the Rangers tonight and there should be no issue with him playing against the Devils tomorrow night.

“He’s at the hospital, I don’t think it’s anything serious,” coach John Tortorella said. “They want to make sure on his pupil. I tell you, we totally missed him. When he was off the bench tonight we missed him in the third period.”

Prust took a stick to the eye from Greg Campbell at the end of the second period and didn't return to the game.

...great news. Looked like it was going to be a lot more serious.

Here are some quotes from Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog :

Torts on Avery sticking up for Fedotenko and killing off his two-minute instigator...

“Yeah, you kill that off,” John Tortorella said . “And first of all, he shouldn’t have gotten an instigator. If he gets an instigator, I mean, (Shawn) Thornton was chasing (Derek Boogaard) around the ice, and he gets nothing. But I have no problem with that, as far as what Sean did. That’s good. And you end up killing those penalties off. It’s the stupidity, the stupid penalties that you get sloppy with, that are so frustrating.”

Staal on redeeming himself...

“It’s still a bitter taste in my mouth about going down 5-on-3,” Staal said. “But it’s a nice way to bounce back and get it back for us.”

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes has this quote from Fedotenko on Avery...

“It’s nice to see teammates stick up for you,” Fedotenko said. “It’s too bad he got the instigator, I don’t know if it’s an instigator or not."

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Anonymous said...

Great news!

Kevin said...

Kevin this is a great one stop for Ranger fans, thanks for providing this site to us...It's nice to see at least 2 instances where we've jumped in to stand up for a teammate, tonight with Avery for Fed and the other night when MDZ covered Girardi. This did not happen last year, it's exciting and we must continue it.


Kevin DeLury said...

Thanks for the kind words. Must be something with the name.

Rob Y said...

if he cant play tomorrow who gets the call up? or do they just go with eminger or gilroy on the wing?

KCinMN said...

Coach had no complaints about what Avery did tonight - team was happy to kill off the penalty. Bout freakin time I say! Now let's see more of this team pride.

Hate to say it, but think Rosie is playing better D than Staalsie right now. I've seen what he can do against AO. Why can't Staal bring that game every night regardless of who's coming down the ice?