Monday, October 11, 2010

Islanders 6, Rangers 4

The New York Rangers (1-1-0) lost to the New York Islanders (1-0-1) by the score of 6-4, today. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and

...say it with me Rangers fans: it's only the second, game, it's only the second game, it's only the second game.

...despite the loss I'm loving the offense so far. 10 goals in two games and Gaborik hasn't even scored yet. On another positive note the hard work and heart that the team showed in preseason has carried over to the regular season as the Rangers were able to comeback from adversity a few times today.

...tough call on Callahan, but if you want to win in this league you have to stay out of the box.

...can someone tell Frolov the regular season started? had to be Parenteau who scored the game tying goal didn't it.

...loved the pregame shenanigans. Too bad Torts decided to send a message by playing Boogaard a grand total of 1:34. points for Stepan today? One hit wonder. ;)

...might have found a spot in the lineup for Drury with the Christensen injury.

...the Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan line continues to be the best line. Nice to see Dubinsky answering a lot of the critics.

...ok is it finally time to end the Eminger experiment?

...home opener on Friday night against the Leafs.

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Gary said...

Get the pylon off the ice. Gilroy looked much better during the preseason. Eminger needs to be riding pine. I thought Rozy had a pretty bad game tonight too. Girardi and Staal were the best two d-men tonight. Anyone surprised?
Nassau has the worst ice/ boards in the NHL. So many awful bounces and bouncing pucks. If the lighthouse project means the rink will stop acting like a moonbounce, sign me up. Jeeze. Or if its not gonna happen, move them to KC already.

Exciting game, but we need to get better in our own end.

Dylan said...

Couple of unlucky bounces. Offense looking really active, but with a young defense were bound to have some tough breaks. Seasons still young, don’t know why Torts is already messing around with the lines.

Kevin DeLury said...

Get used to the mistakes on d with a lot of youth and Eminger.

Torts had to mess with lines today b/c of EC injury.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Penguins will take Roszival and Eminger for Crosby and Malkin.

Christopher Decker said...

this is the second game leaves some time to work on some things..

Some observations:

1. aside from the goals Hank gave up that he just couldn't do anything about, on the ones where he could do something, he looked out of place and like a fish out of water

2. MDZ - ouch man..we can at least take solace in the fact he came back with a couple points and a goal

3. im usually not one to chastise the refs, but it seems their inconsistencies in the past few years will not be changing any time in the near future

4. minus the injury to Christensen at the end (and anything I possibly missed in between), what was the point of the line juggling in the second game of the season after they put up 6 in their first game, and another 4 in this game..their offense seems to be clicking..leave it alone for now

5. Dubi with an awesome game (that whole line, really)

6. Avery had solid game again

overall, much learning to do, of course..looking forward to the rest of the season!

Jack said...

Tons of odd man rushes for the Isle/turnovers against the Rangers, but that's what happens when you pinch and play an offense-oriented game. Yeah, some teams will pick up on it but hell if it doesn't make for exciting hockey.

I hope Tortorella keeps up the strategy. Yeah it's only the second game but DAMN why the Icelanders.

Gary said...

Is yashin one of those players? Hope you're still watching when they move to Kansas City!

Yeah, the young d making mistakes isn't something I'm worried too much about. Sauer looked pretty good today, too.
With the criticisms of Lundqvist, I didn't really see one goal that was an easy stop. Most were weird bounces and rebounds that he stood little to no chance of stopping. There wasn't a shot from the point that he just whiffed on. He had a good game and his stop on PA's one timer was awesome.

Torts plays a high risk game. Safe is death, remember? Its gonna burn us a bit, but we have one of the best goaltenders in the NHL and it really works out for us on the forecheck. Its only the second game. They've had a couple of weeks to practice, only one to practice concepts. They're a big uneasy with it, but its early in the season.

Rick said...

Every dog finds a bone now and then. 33 shots on goal in the 1st game and now 32. Thats not good for the home team. Torts needs to shore up that back checking and MDZ needs to get his act together and act more responsible.

Gary said...

It makes sense. Apparently you don't even know your own team, but for a deaf, dumb and blind Isles fan, id expect nothing less.
Yashin is still on the books for the Isles, nimrod. Get a clue.
And just how well did that "publicity stunt" work? They're still no closer than they were. We'll throw you guys a nice sendoff party right before you leave. Hey, if you guys play us on your last night, maybe someone will actually show up to the game!

Jack said...

Politicians in Long Island haven't communicated with Wang at all about getting the team a new arena or a re-vamped one. I guess they don't care or can't afford it.

I watched the Islanders broadcast when Howie interviewed Betman about the NHL/Bettman helping the Isles out and he pretty much said there is nothing he can do except facilitate conversation/communication.

Bryan B. said...

At the end of the season when the Rangers are right on the brink of making/missing the playoffs, this is a game they're gonna wish to have back. 2nd game of the season or 72nd, need all the points they can get.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Yeah, 13,351 at your home opener. No, thats good, really, definitely staying in Nassau.

"loving the offense?" Not loving 9 GA in 2 games.

LI Joe said...

come on kevin please ban the troll who used the language at 4:44

kids and women read this blog and we don't need to bring it down to lowest common denominator.

if the place gets overrun by trolls you're sure to lose readers like what happened to the ny daily news blog where a small handful ruin it for all and sadly in that case the trolls are ranger fans

so do the right thing and ban mr wendys

Other Ranger Hater said...

Kids and women read this blog? Kids and women also attend Islander games at the Nassau Coliseum where Rangers fans disrespect the country by screaming during the National Anthem, disrespect women by making degrading remarks, and assault teenagers in their drunkeness. Get real, moron.

LI Joe said...

yes mr wendys you are like a cockroach an unwelcome guest here.

and as far as unruly behavior gotta love the isles fans tradition of throwing stuff on the ice during the plaoffs. you cry like a baby when a call goes the wrong way. want some cheese with the whine.

then again islanders and playoffs come around as often as halleys comet. well at least the islanders winning a playoff series.

meanwhile kevin do the right thing witht he troll and ban him for good

Gary said...

Your defenseman made lewd gestures on national TV!
Seriously, for hockey fans, no matter what team you cheer for, your stupidity absolutely amazes me.

The fact that I even have to explain my Yashin jab at your team, and even then you still don't get it, shows there is absolutely no intellegence present anywhere around the Islanders organization. Not the fans, not the front office, not the players, not even the people working the concession stands.
I have friends from Long Island and I really hope there isn't something in the water that will degenerate their intellect to that of an Islanders fan in the near future.

You're right. We lost tonight, just like you lost 48 games last year and 56 the year before.
Have fun with another losing season, dredging the bottom of the division and conference.

Yet Another Ranger Htr said...

Ok, still lost.

Cam Fowler.

LI Joe said...

and you still have to go through life as you .working wendys for minimum wage and your main hobby is trolling another teams blog, not even the official one but one run by a fan that i highly doubt has the inclination or the time to troll an islander board. i know i never have and never will go to an islander board.

kevin please do the right thing

Ranger Hater said...

Loving the reactions. Keep it up guys.

Joey Ratz said...

As long as there's anonymous posting you can't ban anyone.

Listen people, there's disrespectful fans in every jersey color race and creed. If you want to be one of them fine but keep it to your own message boards.

Potvin STILL Sucks said...

Hey Islander trolls, congrats on your Cup. I guess win a over the Rangers in game 2 qualifies for that nowadays on the island of misfit boys, so congrats! It's all downhill from here for you guys anyway. What's the over under on the golden child's knee giving out anyway?

Ranger Hater said...

16 year old Islander fan getting savagely attacked by drunk Ranger fans.

chris said...

whats funny is theres probabaly more ranger fans on LI just by looks of the LIRR before a game

chris said...

LI Joe said...


your parents must be awfully proud of what they've raised

Ranger Hater said...

Well, that's an interesting comment. The LIRR is packed with Rangers fans because Rangers fans find it necessary to get incomprehensibly intoxicated at hockey games. At least they have the decency to take a train.

Secondly, yes, there are many Rangers fans on Long Island. They would be the first ones to talk about what a "joke suburb" it is. Well, if you don't like LI, do us all a favor and GTFO!!!!

Ranger Hater said...

What do I have against beer? Alcohol is a waste of time, money, and brain cells.

Rangers fans just don't understand that.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Its sad really, that Isles fans must come to another teams blog to find a sense of purpose.

thats what irrelevancy does to you, i suppose. The realization that the Rangers/Devils rivalry has been the only local rivalry worth talking about in, hmmm...I dont now...17 years.

Oh Other Hater, Colin says Hi.

Anonymous said...

why are we still talking as if one win makes the islanders relevant?
this isn't the 70's folks, grow up and get out.
and okposo was awesome on the olympic team last year... oh wait he's a scrub.

Charlie Farrell said...

he's talking about rangers fans not having any decency? cmon buddy... you just sound like an idiot. it's really pathetic

Jack said...


Evan S said...

Do we need to be worried about the goals against? Is it Lundqvist or the defense? Obviously its only game 2, but I digress.

Hank is a Tank said...

the refs sucked, how did they miss the slash on christensen, slash on callahan, punch by martinek to stepan after the whistle, and girardi getting tripped, all in the third period. then they call that weak penalty on cally and thats the game. It was very frustrating to watch.

The Rags got DP'd said...

"The refs sucked".

Ugh. You Rangers fans never stop, do you? The refs also didn't notice the high stick on Doug Weight, the interference on Eaton, plus they made a ridiculously weak call on Niedereitter (a dive and a half by Fedotenko, thank goodness he's your problem now) that almost jeopardized the game.

Poor officiating is part of the game. If your team can't overcome, they don't deserve to win in the first place. You Rags fans are all the same.

Kevin DeLury said...

Just like you do with an annoying child, ignore and he will go away.

Plus, there's nothing wrong with a little back and forth with some Islander fans. They beat us and have the right to talk some smack.

However, I did have to delete some cursing on both sides. I don't need that garbage on the blog.

Charlie Farrell said...

Kevin says: "NOT UP IN HERE!"