Monday, October 25, 2010

Prust Taking A Shine...r To TheNYRBlog Reader

TheNYRBlog reader Beth K. sends over this pic of her and Brandon Prust before last night's game. Beth was also able to get autographs from Tortorella, Biron and Sauer to add to her collection of almost 30 sigs on her jersey.

...this is an example of why hockey players are the best in all of sports. Prust is obviously suffering from a nasty eye injury and could easily slip into the Garden without acknowledging anyone, but he not only takes time out of his day to pose for a pic, he goes out and has another solid performance on the ice. God I love hockey. I've said, I love the pics of my readers. Keep them coming to my e-mail (

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KCinMN said...

Prust didn't have the best preseason, but he has been very good since the season began. Glad to see him get more well deserved minutes. Whoever asked for him to be included in last year's trade with Calgary deserves a bonus! And to think the Boston fans boo'd him after Campbell's high stick?! Prust wasn't faking the injury, you beantown idiots.

Anonymous said...

Man, that came frighteningly close to his eye. Less than an inch up and he could have had serious problems.

Very glad he came out OK though. He's been great so far.

ry-man said...

kc i think what happened that game was that no one there saw how bad it was until he started bleeding from his eye area. hence the booing. boston still sucks thought.

LI Joe said...

really like prust just goes about his business quietly but effectively