Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting Your Beer Money's Worth at MSG? (Updated)

Update, 12:30 p.m.:
Wyshynski just sent me a tweet saying all the prices came from Team Marketing Report. And that when Puck Daddy tried to do their own report last year, it was a cluster-eff.

Update, 12:27 p.m.:

Not sure where Wyshynski got his numbers from, but a lot of discrepancies in his comments section. Puck Daddy is, in my opinion, the best NHL blog out there, but it looks like they needed to do some better research on this.

Original Post:
Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy does a beer cost index with all 30 NHL teams. And believe it or not the Rangers have the second lowest cost per ounce in the league with $0.31 per ounce ($7.50 for a 24oz.)

Wyshynski says while the cost for beer at MSG isn't cheap you get your money's worth because of the 24oz.

...the information Wysh is reporting is for the souvenir cups. And I think the price is actually $8.50.

...most fans I know, myself included, usually go for the plastic 16oz bottles. Which I also think (I'm usually so inebriated I don't remember price) is $8.50. If that's the case the cost per ounce
would go up significantly to $0.53 per ounce putting the Rangers at fourth highest in the league.

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Anonymous said...

Also, the Souvenir cups are 16 oz... That report is a FARCE, i left a comment at the bottom calling it just that!

Andrew_794 said...

all i know is last time i attended a leafs game (last year) that a "large" beer was like 17 bucks...which equalled about a normal beers worth...

im sorry but if anyone had watched the leafs last season then youd think they would have taken pity on the fans and lowered beer prices...

although they were so shitty last year half the crowd would have been wasted and causing chaos.

Scotty Hockey said...

I go to the 'beer garden' up on the 300 level concourse for Amstel and Yuengling - went up from 9.50 to 10 bucks a pop. Terrible.

kc2npu said...

It is all dependent on if your are getting a domestic or imported. If you are getting draft or the bottle.

I know the beer I typically get i think is $9.50 and I will actually check tonight at the game.

After this week so far, I might just need one.


chef dave said...

Beer in Manhattan is expensive?

Gary said...

Guys, that's why you get wasted BEFOREHAND :)
If you guys are every around it, there's a bar on 3rd called 3rd and long. They do kill the keg saturdays. I forget if it was 2 or 3 dollars per beer, but its super cheap and the bartenders are great.