Monday, October 25, 2010

Sauer Was Sore

In my post game thoughts I mistakenly ranted about Mike Sauer being a healthy scratch, but Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants sets the record straight by reporting Sauer was a scratch last night because of soreness following Saturday’s 3-2 win at Boston.

Both Eminger and Sauer were on the ice for pregame warmups, but Sauer realized during the warmups he would be unable to play.

...hey, I miss some things sometimes.

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Scott said...

it's ok kevin, I'll forgive you (this time)

Kevin DeLury said...

Thanks Scott.

Joey Ratz said...

i'm still sore about your sour sauer coverage

rusty said...

I was at the game and was just as perplexed as you were Kevin. I told my son that I couldn't understand why Eminger was playing since Sauer had looked so solid in the previuos 2 games. At least it makes sense now.

LI Joe said...

good he sat if he was hurt as playing would make it that much more injured. more guys should sit when they are banged up as also allows the new guy to get some playing time