Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boogaard A Tough Guy

In Fox News' latest "Tough Guy Tracker" Derek Boogaard's bout with Colton Orr lands at #8...

8. Derek Boogaard, New York Rangers
On Oct. 21 in Toronto, Colton Orr asked the Rangers' Derek Boogaard for a fight, and in turn got an ass-whooping. It took "The Boogie Man" a while to get going, but once he did it was all over for the Maple Leafs' heavyweight, as the Broadway Bully landed several power punches that shook Orr to the core.

...not sure I agree with the assessment of the fight, while Boogaard might have eked out a win there is no way that was an ass-whooping.

...forgot to mention this in my game thoughts last night. Why is Boogaard even on this team if Biron is going to get run with the so-called enforcer on the ice and nothing is done? I thought that stuff was supposed to stop.

The Rangers vs. Bruins game was ranked #3 because of the three fights between the two teams.

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KCinMN said...

Team HAS to play tougher at home. Boogaard can't let that stuff go, especially in front of the home crowd.

Jack said...

Boogard yapped at the offender, that was it. When is an enforcer not an enforcer? That role is so outdated anyway in today's NHL.

Dave said...

This must come from Torts, Lets face it boogs isn't exactly shy sticking up for team mates! Kinda fits inm with the low ice time too.

theking said...

I dont understand why he cant just hurt someone in a dirty way. So what he gets suspended a few games. He needs to two hand somebody or knock someone out. If he did this other teams would fear us because the Boogie man will hurt you at all costs even if it means suspension.

Puck Central said...

Was kinda disappointed w/ Boogaard last game. He was on the ice when Chris Thorburn checked Biron into the boards. Granted Boogaard was definitely @ the end of a shift and didn't see much ice time after that, I still would've liked him to @ least skate over to Thorburn and gave him a friendly reminder that he's not going to be doing that anymore against the Rangers.

One of Sather's main theories for getting Boogaard was to stop the goalie from being run (it has continued) and here was a guy doing it with Boogaard on the ice. IMO it was the perfect situation to take the 17 minute package.

Then again, it might have been b/c of the infected hand