Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Staal to Continue Wearing "A"

Marc Staal will be wearing A for #NYRangers during Prospal's absence. "It was unanimous," Tortorella said. "It's the right thing to do."less than a minute ago via HootSuite

...forgot to mention the "A" for Staal in my post game thoughts the other night. He is definitely a player who deserves it. Now let's hope he can find his game as it's been a bit of a struggle for Staal to start the season.

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Chris said...

Unrelated... this litte bit made me smile:

via PuckDaddy:
David Clarkson, New Jersey Devils (6 Games, 0 Points)

The Devils' power forward received a new contract last summer and looked primed to be an offensive contributor to the team this season. Yeah, not so much: Despite 19 shots on goal, which is more than Jamie Langenbrunner(notes) or Patrik Elias(notes), Clarkson is scoreless with a minus-6.


We can only hope that Avery reads PD and submits this ot his memory bank.

LI Joe said...

great move givving staal the A. and i'm serious not sarcastic

Puck Central said...

Based on his play so far this season the "A" shouldn't be on Staal. Hopefully he steps it up with the letter on the sweater.

Ryan Taussig said...

With only two As on the team at the moment and Drury out for an extended period, does anyone think they should add a third A for the time being? I'm not suggesting putting the C on anyone's jersey, but I think a third A could (key word could) help morale.

My choice would be Dubi. His play this season has been deserving. He's got the grit, the talent, and he's been stepping up and taking responsibility. It's early on yet, but it'd be temporary anyway.

KCinMN said...

My preference is for the Rangers to turn Staal into our mean shutdown stay at home Dman. He may have offensive instincts but he is the only one capable of playing the stay at home D (currently). Stop putting him on the power play. Encourage him to stay back and be ferocious clearing the front of the net and making opponents pay in that area.

LI Joe said...

rathr have 2 A's than 3 if the 3rd is dubinsky the only current ranger who missed a training camp with a holdout. sends a bad message rewarding him with a letter

Puck Central said...

LI Joe - you've been bashing Dubi for the past 2 years you really need to get over it already. He's been one of the best NYRs this season consistently so far.

Anonymous said...

i just want no part of that guy getting a letter. rather go with 2i thought this is america where i'm entitled to voice my opinion.

plus gabby will be back in 2-3 weeks so he would be well deserving of one

by the way i did notice his point production is slowing down espcially with a goalie in net

LI Joe said...

i thought i put in name but maybe hit wrong thing