Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Biron Mask (Updated)

Update, 2:24 p.m.:
James Mirtle of Globe & Mail has audio of Lundqvist discussing having a lighter workload with Biron on board this year.

Original Post:
@thenyrangers tweets this pic of Marty Biron's new mask (in honor of former NYR goalie Gilles Gratton) that he will only be wearing when the Rangers don their third jerseys.

...not as good as Auld's mask last year. But pretty sweet nonetheless.

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Jack said...

Auld's mask was all kinds of cheesy and looked like he bought it in Times Square for $20.

Vin said...

I never licked aulds mask

Gary said...

I dunno if I would've licked it, Vin. It was prolly all sweaty and gross.
I kid, I kid.
I really dig this mask its really well-done. I kinda wish this was his full-time mask.

Paul said...

I think this mask is awesome!!!

Brings back the old Gilles Gratton look. I hope we all remember his mask.

-DO said...

He had a design done so that he can have someone paint over the shield and use it for another team if he is not re-signed.

ry-man said...

thats so much better than auld's franklin street hockey mask.

vin said...

yea i ment liked i was using my ipod my bad

LI Joe said...

i noticed the licked too but then again my typing s*cks so

chef dave said...

We love you & the blog, Kevin, but Aulds mask was lame. I don't get the masks with pictures of other people winning the cup.