Monday, August 30, 2010

Rangers Working to Get Kennedy (Updated)

Update, 4:50 p.m.:
It's official.

Update, 1:25 p.m.:
Gross now tweets that Kennedy's deal is one-way, one-year deal for $550,000.

...why would they only do a one-way deal? The Rangers had all the leverage and they give him a one-way deal. Now the guy has to clear waivers if they want to send him down to Hartford. Unless I'm missing something. I do love the amount of the deal though.

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Update, 1:20 p.m.:
Gross and Arthur Staple both analyze the signing.

Update, 12:12 p.m.:
Jesse Spector at The Blueshirts Blog confirms the signing.

Update, 11:50 a.m.:

Gross now tweets that an announcement on the signing is expected later today.

Original Post:
Andrew Gross tweets...

Tim Kennedy to #NYRangers rumors are legit.less than a minute ago via mobile web

Tim Kennedy who had 10g, 16a in his rookie season in Buffalo became a UFA when he was bought out by the Sabres earlier this offseason after he was awarded a one-year, $1 million contract during his arbitration hearing.

...this kid could turn into something, but right now do the Rangers need another 3rd line player?

...this signing will almost certainly mean the end of Redden. How else could they afford Kennedy?

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Rob Y said...

the rangers have to be up to something do you know how many forwards we have signed? Like you said do we rreally need another 3rd liner?

Gary said...

I like the kid and think he could have a future in this organization, but the lineup is JAMMED as it is. Maybe this is replacing the loss of corey locke earlier in the offseason?

Brooklahn said...

If this turns out to be a HFD depth signing, great.

But until Redden gets demoted, we have NO CAP SPACE, and there are literally no slots left for the kids who were supposedly going to get a shot.

Not that this is surprising, but when the heck is this team going to actually have a plan?

Chris said...

I know this is horrible to say; but this kid looks like a hillbilly. I dont want him simply because he's an eyesore.

... and I mean that in the most heterosexual way possible.

Rick said...

Just more competition for players on the third lines. If Kennedy beats one of them out of a job-wow, then they just didn't need to be in the lineup. If he doesn't make the club-he is just cannon fodder and to the AHL with him.
He does bring a little speed and has played at this level.

Rob Y said...

I hope its a 2 way deal if its a 1 way deal then its clearly the openin for a trade or a demotion of another player

Jack said...

"...Just more competition for players on the third lines. If Kennedy beats one of them out of a job-wow, then they just didn't need to be in the lineup...

I could see that...make all of the third liners fight for a spot in the roster in order to create the strongest third line possible...

AnnoyingJoe said...

Hillbilly? thats great. though i dont care if he skates around with a piece of straw in his mouth as long as he produces.

Kevin, I thought Redden going down to Hartford was a forgone conclusion capwise after they sign Staal? Idk, I dont follow the cap stuff that closely.

Kevin DeLury said...

Annoying, I think there were other scenarios where the Rangers could have re-signed Staal and kept Redden.

Don't think it's possible now.

icycup said...

Tim Kennedy
Age: 24
Date of birth: April 30, 1986
Place of birth: Buffalo, NY, USA
Ht: 5-9 Wt: 176


Andrew_794 said...

hey guys...if its a one year deal it doesnt matter if its a one way contract...its not like he'd be getting another shot with the big if he was sent down on a 2 way also not sure how a 550,000 deal spells the end of redden....maybe the todd white deal did...or frolovs signing...or staals hopeful new contract..but this signing does nothing to reddens future

Bryan B. said...

I did an internship last year with the Sabres and loved watching this kid play each night. Although he's small, he's not afraid to throw his body around and be a grinder each shift. Awesome signing.

Kevin DeLury said...

Andrew I wrote that about Redden before the terms were announced. Didn't realize how cheap they were getting him. Rangers are still really up against it with the cap.

I guess until the Rangers make the actual announcement that Redden has been waived I can't assume anything.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Bryan, did you meet the equipment manager, Dave W.?

LI Joe said...

a minimum salary guy has zero to do with preventing redden from being waived

Bryan B. said...

Nah Joe, I didn't. Met the goalie coach and a few other guys on the staff, here and there.

I know there was the debate over credentials on here a few days ago, but the coolest part of the internship was helping with post-game interviews in the locker room when the Rangers came to town.