Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Help Coming (Updated)

Update, 12:48 p.m.:
Gross has this quote from Frolov on changing line mates...

“It’s up to the coach,” Frolov said. “You have to focus on your game and do your best. It doesn’t matter who you play with. I can try to do as hard as I can. The most important thing is to play as a team. Do the right thing, play defensively.”

Update, 11:48 a.m.:
@thenyrangers tweets that Marty Biron will get a start in one of the next four games.

Update, 11:44 a.m.:

Gross also tweets that John Tortorella is likely to switch line combinations Thursday at Toronto, as he wasn't crazy about Frolov with Stepan and Fedotenko.

Original Post:

#NYRangers coach John Tortorella says no call-ups from Hartford right now. He wants to give Christensen and White chance to get going.less than a minute ago via HootSuite

...a good way to get them going might be playing them more than 10 minutes. Just sayin'.

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Dave said...

"...a good way to get them going might be playing them more than 10 minutes. Just sayin'."

Jeez as that really the case! Torts loves to contradict himself man!

Anonymous said...

hes changing lines!!!

its about time!!!

Totalretard rules!!

chris said...

JUGGLE JUGGLE JUGGLE until the ball gets dropped - sick of it!

there must be a middle ground between Renney (mr defense play it safe) and Tortorella mr juggle the lines and give up too many chances every game

theking said...

I wish I had the time to scan the blogs for all the idiots that cried about acquiring Brad Richards in the off season. I would re-post it here. Crying about how he makes to much money and we need to stick to the youth. NEWS FLASH 80% of our youth right now SUCKS. We could have used Richards. We could have easily got him if we traded Gilroy and Dubi or Cally.

Craig said...

The constant juggling of the lines drives me crazy. Isn't that what the pre-season for? Leave the lines and let them build some chemistry and confidence. This was a huge problem last year and seems like it's going to continue this year.

LI Joe said...

the king - i am not a dubinsky fan and really could care less if we traded him and gilroy for richards. but my goal is to win a cup in next few yrs and richards can only help so much. so even if we had a few more points with richards over a full season, that could actually hurt our draft position because with or without richards this is not a playoff team.

he still wouldn't change the fact we have the 2nd youngest defense league wide.

theking said...


We have no prospect or player that will be a 1st line center for years to come. We need to trade or sign a player. How can you not see this?

Rick said...

"he still wouldn't change the fact we have the 2nd youngest defense league wide"

Excellent point and therein lies the rub. Without a team D helping on the back end, this team is doomed for failure. You win championships because of D is a truthful statement. Hate to say it but Torts system is not the system to employ under these circumstances. The horses are not there. That should not be a reflection on Torts or his system, but on the GM and the lack of producing a coherent unit some 11 years later.

Mr Lonely said...

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LI Joe said...

the almighty king

i can see it and even though he is a forward and not a center i wanted kovy bad. all i'm saying is with or withour richards this team is going nowhere. and richards will be 31 at end of season. say he signs for 5 yrs he'll be 36 at end of contract so maybe you get 2 yrs good out of him. i like richards saw him in SC finals down in tampa in games 5 and 7.

this team needs a lot more than richards. i would not mind at all trading a dubinsky and a dman other than staal for richards mainly because i really want dubinsky traded. but again this team needs a lot more than richards especially on defense.