Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TheNYRBlog Fantasy Hockey Update

Now that we're a few weeks into the season, I figured I'd update everyone on TheNYRBlog fantasy hockey league. I'm going to give you the top two teams in each 10-team division and their top forward, defenseman and goaltender...

Messier Division:
1st - Sloppy Seconds (F Horton, D Goligoski and G Howard) - 75.5 pts.

2nd - Zissou (F Sharp, D Del Zotto and G Turko) - 70.5 pts.

FYI, I'm in 8th place with a meager 50.5 pts.

Leetch Division:
 1st - Sasquatch Love (F Sharp, D Seabrook and G Lehtonen) - 81 pts.

2nd - Strader Invaders (F Stamkos, D Byfuglien and G Ward) - 71.5 pts.

Gilbert Division:
 1st - Section 315 (F MacArthur, D Seabrook, and G Lehtonen) - 75.5 pts.

2nd - Mercy (F Hossa, D Ehrhoff and G Neuvirth) - 74 pts.

Richter Division:
1st - Glen Sather (F Daniel Sedin, D Liles and G Howard) - 73.5 pts.

2nd - Large Marge Sent Me (F Ovechkin, D Weber and G Giguere) - 69 pts.

Giacomin Division:
1st - upstatenyrangers (F Sharp, D Schenn and G Neuvirth) - 79.5 pts.

2nd - Broadway Blue (F Kunitz, D Ehrhoff and G Lehtonen) - 68 pts.

Bathgate Division:
 1st - Diplomats (F Horton, D Wisniewski and G Vokoun) - 92 pts.

2nd - TheBeukeboomers (F Getzlef, D Goligoski and G Turko) - 85.5 pts.

Graves Division:
1st - Theo Fleury's Dealer (F Getzlef, D Liles and G Thomas) - 80.5 pts.

2nd - Don't Toews Me Bro! (F Daniel Sedin, D Letang and G Howard) - 76.5 pts.

Howell Division:
1st - TapeOnTheFoil (F Crosby, D Wisniewski and G Vokoun) - 82 pts.

2nd - NYR Fan in Seattle (F Stamkos, D Martin and G Howard) - 76 pts.

A couple of thoughts:

...no way I'm allowing a team named Glen Sather to win.

...funniest thing in the league is the team named Sloppy Seconds has Phaneuf on the roster.

...very competitive and exciting so far. Hope everyone is having as much fun as I am.

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Rob Y said...

who else is in richter? No love for the slats? Didn't think id be in first but marge is getting closer. Definitely fun league though

Henrik Lundqvist Hockey Blog said...

I'm in 3rd in Messier and I don't know what the hell I'm doing. LOL

chris said...


Pete J said...

anyone in Richter looking to make any deals??? My team is Have Another Donut

Rob Y said...

@pete, what you looking to get or give up? My team is Glen Sather

John Delfino said...

GAH if you had done it this morning it'd show me as second in Gilbert. Damn. The best part is that I was in 9th for the entirety of the first week and a half.

cb1 said...

"Don't Toewes Me Bro!" - best team name ever