Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers 3, Bruins 2

The New York Rangers (3-2-1) defeated the Boston Bruins (4-2-0) by the score of 3-2, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and that was a hockey game. Tough, nasty, end to end action. And of course a second straight Rangers win.

...looks like the injuries have really forced the Rangers players to step up and play like a team. Loving every minute of it. can't over-emphasize the importance of what Avery did in the first period. The Bruins bench just explodes after Stuart blasts Fedotenko, then two seconds later Avery steals the momentum right back by sticking up for his teammate. It's about time this team started sticking up for each other.

...did I really say I would have been fine with Biron in there tonight? No way he makes that save on Caron in the third. Expect the King back in there tomorrow night.

...Anisimov continues to be the Rangers best player.

...despite the goal, I'm just not impressed with Frolov right now.

...great to see Staal redeem himself after his penalty helped the Bruins cut the lead to one.

...what was up with the refs jumping in early on both the Boogaard and Prust fights? Terrible.

...i said Callahan was a warrior last game, but he brought that word to another level tonight with the way he took on Chara all night. Fun to watch.

...another player that was fun to watch tonight was Prust. Let's just hope he's ok after the stick to the face.

...happy with the win, but still way too many penalties. None in the third so hopefully that's a step in the right direction.

...right back at it tomorrow night at MSG against the Devils who sat Kovalchuk as a healthy scratch tonight.

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Murray Murdoch said...

What's the latest on Prust?

Kevin DeLury said...

Traveled back to NY with the team. Status for tmr. is questionable.

Riley said...

Wow what a great game! I love the team's toughness, and the way everyone is stepping up.

Roszival still somehow continues to make stupid plays every time he is on the ice thought.

Anisimov has developed into a legitimate Top 6 forward, and the chemistry on that line is great.

I liked seeing Gilroy and Sauer out there in the last 5 mins.

Avery did what everyone wants to see and he was effective all night.

I agree Kevin that Frolov isnt playing great, that goal was soooooo fluky lol.

Chris said...

Great game to be at tonight!

My wife isnt speaking to me right now, lol. (Shes a Bruins fan)

Of course, I was sitting right behind 'that guy' who was piss-drunk, knows nothing about hockey and was obnoxious all night.

At the beginning of the game, he was talking to me about how 'Mark streit told avery to suck his dick and avery cried about it so they have streit a penalty'

... he, of course, was talking about the Wisinewski suspension and had no idea what actually happened or who was involved.

Kevin DeLury said...

Sounds like a typical Bruins fan. Minus your wife of course Chris.

Chris said...

Sadly... there were more misbehaved Rangers fans than Bruins fans, that I saw.

The section over from me, there was a piss-drunk Rangers fan (there with some buddies who were bruins fans) and his Bruins fans likely saved him from getting his ass beat.

Numerous times, he was getting completely screamed at by the rows behind him and spoken to a number of times by the usher, and his buddies basically dragging him down to his seat.

... he could barely walk by the end of the game.

My wife was pissed b/c we just bought her a Tuukka Rask jersey. She wanted Recchi, but they didnt have one in her size, so Tuukka was her next choice... and then they lost with him in net. Not a great way to 'celebrate' your first jersey purchase, haha.

Chris said...

In 'enemy' territory:

Brent said...

Kev and Riley,

Agree that Frolov has not impressed. Wasn't his goal against the Avalanche a fluky one that hit a defender before finding the back of the net. Two goals, both pretty fluky.

Fun game to watch, regardless. Hank made a very nice save in the third, going post to post.

Kevin DeLury said...

Chris, what's up with the statue of a Bruins player tripping behind you? Is that someone important in Bruins history? ;)

Bryan B. said...

Great point on the refs jumping in early on those fights. Neither of those were close to being done.

Also, why is it that every away team's broadcast guys think that Boogard is, "one of the most feared fighters in the league." I have definitely yet to see that side of him.

Chris said...

LOL, Kevin... I dont know what thats about, either. I just do what Im told. :D

@ the Boogaard comment. Ive got to agree that hes a bit overrated. He couldnt even handle Thorton who is quite a bit smaller.

@ the refs stepping in quickly, I noticed that the second they saw any 'body shots' is when they stepped in.

Apprently you can punch a guy in the face, but not the ribs. *shrug*

Rob Y said...

@ riley i dunno what game you were watching with the exception of the stupid holding penalty on rosi he played a pretty solid game and it takes alot for me to defend him. nice solid team effort with the exception of todd white. tomorrow should be an interesting game though

bklyn rich said...

Don't Understand The Staal Penalty Slashing His Stick?God Only Knows How Many Times A Game A Players Stick Gets Slashed..But I Guess If It Gets Broken/Dropped It Gets Called ?

Rick said...

I got to go with Riley on this one in regards to Rozi, gave up the puck on three occasions to avoid a hit, dumb holding penalty-must have been thinking about practice instead of actual game play. Just not a good all around game this time.But then again he is having a more decent start to this season than last season where it took him 2/3rds of the season to show up consistently. But on the same token we can't afford to lose another experienced Dman this yr.

rusty said...

Apparantly the coaches see something different than Riley since in the last minute of a one goal game Roszival was on the ice with Stahl. At that point you put what yopu consider your most dependable pair on the ice.

Rick said...

Sure they(coaches) do- why go with inexperienced players (one rookie and two 2nd yr players)at the end of the game with a tight score. Gilroy and Sauer didn't even play from around the 6 min mark left to play. I have no problem with that thinking, you need your most experienced players at that time. I just don't think that just because they are considered our best players on D that they necessarily had a good game. Thats all I was saying.