Monday, October 11, 2010

Rangers Talk Loss to Islanders

Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report has numerous quotes including these...

Del Zotto on the play where he was stripped by Comeau for a goal:

“I just lost the puck. I went to pull it back to make a play and I just lost the handle on the puck. I couldn’t have put it in a better spot for him. I put it right on his stick and he made the most of it."

Avery On the lewd gesture by the Islanders’ James Wisniewski:

“Imagine if I did that? Heck, they sent me to rehab.”

“But I’m sure nothing will happen, because nothing ever happens.”

Lundqvist on the game:

“It’s a tough one. I think we played really well as a team the whole game. We had a couple of tough bounces along the way. I felt like they didn’t really have to work that hard to get their goals. But overall, as a team, I think we played a great game and we definitely played well enough to win this game. But, it’s a tough one to get down to 5-on-3 late in the game. It’s a big disappointment.”

Torts on the game:

“I thought we forechecked very well. They came at us hard. We know how they’re going play. Both teams played hard. I thought we controlled a lot of the time behind their net. We grinded. We didn’t get down when, I think, we beat ourselves a little bit on a couple of the goals, a couple of crazy goals. So I’m not unhappy with the club. There’s some good things there.”

Torts on the Callahan penalty:

“We beat ourselves early, and it was just, I think, an awful call to start the 5-on-3, on Cally’s penalty. It’s assuming that you trip a guy, and he didn’t trip a guy, and that’s what started the wall falling for us a little bit and we lose the hockey game. It’s just a terrible call.”

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koz said...

Avery is absolutely right. If he did the same thing, he'd already be suspended. Tough loss as the Rangers carried the play for the most part and caught a couple of bad breaks.

KCinMN said...

Avery Avery Avery. Pretty soon Bettman's going to create a rule that says no more trash talking inside an arena. Just well wishes and kisses for friends and all foes.

Suspension for sure for Wisniewski.

Ryan Taussig said...

It was a bad call on Cally.

I saw a fair amount of inconsistency in the referees throughout the game actually. It wasn't aimed at any particular team, but what if all the calls had been accurate? Who knows what the resulting score could have been?

NYI and NJD are Jealous of NYR said...

LMAO, 2-0 and all the Icelander fans come out in full force to accost Ranger blogs. I commend you - all 4 of you - fans for sticking by your team.

I HAVE NEVER VISITED any of your sites. Don't need to. Don't want to. Thanks so much for visiting our playground though.

Rain or shine, Rangers will always have way more fans than either of the other two area teams.

Chris Jones said...

I don't mind the loss so much as the way they lost. Shoddy refereeing at the end and a lack of guts by the Rangers. Martinek shoves Stepan into the boards, punches him in the neck and the Rangers don't do a darned thing about it. Where was Boogard? You never heard his name called after that play. I realize that there was close to five minutes left when it happened, but why is he making all that money if he can't afford a game suspension for instigating every once in a while. You've got to set the tone early in the season and the tone the Rangers are setting is "go ahead and beat on our skill guys because we're too big a bunch of pansies to do anything about it." What's next, some goon trying to fight Gaborik...oh wait, we've already been there, haven't we?