Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eminger A Healthy Scratch?

Looks as if Eminger is healthy scratchless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

...hallelujah!!!! I'm guaranteeing a solid defensive effort tonight.

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chef dave said...

If this is going to be a building year, which it kind of already feels like on D, then let's build with people who will be here next year.

John said...

Thank God.

Chris said...

to touch on what Dave said... this is something that (not surprisingly) I think a lot of people are missing.

Based on the general frugality (boogaard deal aside), Sather has made it fairly clear that this is a rebuilding year... and I, among others, claimed that was what we needed.

Of course, it was also said that NY fans wouldnt be able to deal with the pains of a rebuilding year or two... and with the reactions to the season thus far, thats painstakingly true.

While I do wish they would win a few games... the Rangers have played exactly as I would expect for this young of a team and I can see the foundations of good things to come. However, they just having built it up yet.

Kevin DeLury said...

Not sure you can say it is a complete youth movement. If so why is Eminger in there and why did they sign Frolov?

If it was a true youth movement either McD or Valentenko would be up as well as either MZA or Grachev.

If those two moves didn't happen, I would be more than ok with a poor start, but when you bring guys like that in you're saying winning now is more important.

John said...

How can you have a youth movement without any top 1st round picks? Henrik is in his prime, for the next couple of years, Gaborik is in his prime, Frolov was signed. This team never truly re-builds, if we did, we would have the lottery picks to show for it. We do not, and, oh how surprising, it seems every other team (like the Islanders) got much better.

chef dave said...

No lottery picks to build off of John? What about Korpikoski & Sanguinetti? Or Montoya for that matter! Oh...actually, never mind.

LI Joe said...

chris well said. this is 2nd youngest d in entire league and 9th youngest overall. it is for sure a youth movement and people have to be patient even with lots of losses ahead

Puck Central said...

Good call on the defensive effort LOL

Obviously not just b/c of Eminger being scratched though. Good team defense