Thursday, October 28, 2010

With Injuries, New Lines at Practice (Updated - Grachev on the Way)

Update, 3:17 p.m.:
Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog has Tortorella's thoughts on tomorrow's lineup...

“I tried Erik (on the top line), nothing happened,” Tortorella said. “I put Whitey there, and it’s not just because he scored a goal - I thought for three or four shifts, he was pretty good, and it was really the first time that he’s been put in a little bit of an offensive role. So we’ll see how the game goes on. If Anisimov can play, I want to put him right back in there with Cally and Dubi. … Step, it’s a little bit of a struggle for him right now. We want to work with him, we want to show him the tape and some of the things we need to bring to his attention, and we’ll see how it goes. I’d like to find out if Whitey can work in some offensive roles, and when he got an opportunity last night, he certainly didn’t do a poor job - ends up scoring a goal around the net, and I thought made some good plays.”

...could be some interesting combinations tomorrow. Also looks like Christensen might be the odd man out when Gabby comes back.

...btw, how much do the Rangers regret sending Kennedy down to Hartford now.

Update, 2:16 p.m.:
Larry Brooks at the New York Post says the Rangers fourth line tomorrow night could be Stepan, Grachev and Christensen.

Update, 1:13 p.m.:

Steve Zipay tweets that Anisimov's MRI (right ankle) was fine. Both he and Rozsival (knee) will play tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Andrew Gross tweets that the Rangers
will recall Evgeny Grachev from Hartford as Derek Boogaard will be a game-time decision due to a hand infection that was caused by a cut he received during his fight against the Bruins Shawn Thornton on Saturday.

Original Post:

No Anisimov or Rozsival on ice at #NYR practice. Lines: Dubi-White-Cally, Avery-Boyle-Fed, Frolov-Stepan-Prust, Boogaard-Christensen-Vacantless than a minute ago via HootSuite word on a possible call-up if Anisimov can't go. But if he can, maybe White goes between Frolov and Prust and Stepan to the fourth line.

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Anonymous said...

wow, they are dropping like flies.

ladies and gentleman, the interchangeable, mediocre, AHL, New York Rangers!!!

Jack said...

I just got to thinking, Kevin, how do you feel about adding the attendance number at the top of the game wrap-up? posts it in their box score.

Last night versus ATL ESPN said, "Attendance: 17,900 (98.4% full)"

Over time it'd build a nice perspective regarding how many people go to each Rangers game, home and away. Just at thought.

Michael Gleich said...

maybe if grachev plays they stick stepan with him on the 4th line

Kevin DeLury said...

Jack, not a bad idea. I'll unveil the new feature tomorrow night.

rusty said...

Is the attendance a good indicator of how many fans attend the game or just an indicationof how many tickets were sold? Looking around the Garden last night there were obviuosly several thousand empty seats throughout the place so the announced 17,900 must have had many relatives of the invisible man in the house. I've said before that the team should announce 2 figures - tickets sold as well as butts in seats.

LI Joe said...

lots of 1/2 price or less bargains on sites like ebay - and many go unbid so seller prob eats them

Anonymous said...

Someone please explain to Torts that it takes more than 1 game together to make a line work... This guy thinks it's an instant fix...And enough of the crappy mixture of ice time everynight it's a new person in his dog house...Ur not inventing the wheel here Torts let them play a little...

Rick said...

broken records and same ole same ole.