Monday, October 4, 2010

This Morning's Lines; No Staal (Updated)

Update, 9:51 a.m.:
Gross also tweets the d pairs:

Del Zotto-Girardi

...assuming Eminger is out when Staal comes back. Not sure if Torts will change pairs also.

Original Post:
Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants tweets us this morning's lines from practice...


White and Kennedy

...ladies and gentlemen your 2010-11 New York Rangers opening night lineup.

@thenyrangers tweets that Marc Staal is the only player not practicing this morning.

...this obviously has to do with the hip injury he sustained Friday night. Let's hope it's nothing serious.

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Anonymous said...

just got an upset stomach looking at the Eminger Roszival combo. Man are we in trouble!!!

Anonymous said...

That 4th line is kind of ridiculous. That's obviously their "make Gretzky's head bleed!" line.

KD said...

all looks pretty good...I just ask: Can Torts please stick with the same lines for a while to develop some chemistry?

Sure, Seinfeld struggled when they first got together... but you didn't see them switching George for George Wendt right?

Dumb analogy but you get my point...