Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Headlines

Newsday - Rangers cut McDonagh and Valentenko

New York Post - LARRY BROOKS: Righty-filled Rangers D can be left for now

New York Times -
Rangers Make Roster Fit, but Forwards Are a Puzzle

Journal News - Rangers still setting roster

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Kevin H. said...

Um, did anyone notice this little tid-bit in Brooksie's article:

"Meanwhile, a well-placed source has told The Post that there's little reason for optimism that the condition of Vinny Prospal's right knee will improve following his enforced two-week rest period. Indeed, we're told it would be no surprise at all should the 35-year-old require surgery that would likely end his season, if not his career."

Barf. Nice move Sather, you idiot.

icycup said...

yeah, i saw that. it stuck out to me too. nyr = a place for near retired players to come and retire while still on the roster.

Kevin DeLury said...

Just posted an item on this. Thanks for the headsup Kev.