Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rangers Goalies Ranked #5 ranks the league's goaltending tandems and Henrik Lundqvist and Marty Biron rank fifth...

5. New York Rangers
Henrik Lundqvist and Martin BironLundqvist is a proven commodity at this point -- durable and dependable. So, too, is journeyman Biron. Yet, Lundqvist's down and deep approach might need a little spiffing up this season, as shooters around the league seem to be finding some cracks in King Henry's once almost impenetrable armor -- not a good development for a team that often struggles to score.

...i hate seeing any criticism of Lundqvist b/c of what he means to the Rangers, but this analysis is spot on regarding the league funding some cracks. Cough glove-side high cough.

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rusty said...

High glove is , in gemeral, a weakness of the butterfly style which involves an early move down and out to take away as much of the bottom of the net as possible. When you combine that with how deep Hank plays in the net, the weakness is magnified. It seemed like he was conciously working to keep the glove higher in the preseason games that I saw.

vin said...

he changed ware he held his glove last year and i dont think it was as mich of a problem as it was 2 seasons ago but yes playing deep in his net does open up the top part of the net