Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Headlines

Bergen Record - Rangers fall to Maple Leafs in OT, lose Gaborik and Drury

New York Post - Gaborik, Drury fall in Rangers' loss

New York Post - Rangers' Prospal will have knee surgery this week

Daily News - Rangers lose game, Gaborik and Drury

New York Times - Rangers Fall, but Real Loss Comes in 2 Injuries

Newsday - Rangers lose Gaborik, Drury to injury in loss

Newsday - Staple: Rangers need unsung players to step up

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Anonymous said...

Can you please stop linking to Newsday? Nobody actually pays for subsccriptions but we get hit with annoying subscription offers every time we click there. Please stop.

Kevin H. said...

Anon: So, despite the fact that you are aware that Newsday requires a subscription, you continue to click on it? I think you need to stop, genius.

Can someone describe to me how Drury broke his finger again? (I missed the game.) None of the news accounts say. I assume by blocking a shot.

Kevin DeLury said...

Anon, plenty of readers are Newsday subscribers so I will continue to link. As Kevin H. says if you don't have a subscription why would you keep clicking on the link?

Kev, Drury collided with Rozsival. Another reason to hate the defenseman.

LI Joe said...

did you hate rozy when he scored the 2 ot goal vs buffalo. or how about when he scored last night

this team is already 2nd youngest dmen in league but i guess thats not enough

Kevin DeLury said...

Two goals doesn't turn him into a good defenseman.

LI Joe said...

well there is a wide space between good and the vitriol aimed at the guy. torts has him playing a ton of minutes and i doubt he'd do that if he felt the guy was terrible