Friday, October 15, 2010

Dubi/Avery More Awkward than Ace?

Video of Brandon Dubinsky and Sean Avery singing theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air which was played during tonight's game on MSG...

...not sure who was worse tonight Dubi and Avery or Ace Frehley. I've got to go with Frehley. Man that was painful to watch.

...Del Zotto and Boyle were better than both.

...hope MSG doesn't do this all season long. Sort of dumb.

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James Wrabel said...

Everything about this night turned out to be horrendous. Even Redden scored in Hartford...I mean if that isn't horrible, what is?

Scotty Hockey said...

C'mon, they were hilariously awkward. Ace was just awful.

fleisch14 said...

scotty was right on....hysterical...but awkward

i hope they keep doing these

Kevin DeLury said...

I don't know guys. Maybe if Dubi wasn't as stiff I'd like it better.

Should be interesting to see who's next.

Rick said...

Awkward is the right discription. Much like the play from the team through the first two periods. Some games are like that and Toronto played a good game and probably had the NYR's off balance because of their look. Bright spots-MDZ recovered, Boyle had a VG game and Henrik is finding his groove.