Sunday, October 17, 2010

Redden: I Tried to Do Too Much

In a video for Hockey Night in Canada, Wade Redden tries to explain what went wrong during his time with the Rangers and how he is trying to move forward.

...i've seen and heard more from Redden since he was sent down to Hartford than at any other point during his tenure with the Rangers. Not sure if he's doing it to keep himself out there in an attempt to find an NHL team interested or what. Either way, I know not everyone agrees with this, but I hope it does work out for him.

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chef dave said...

I've said it already: Nothing personal, it's just business. Besides, a few more defensive performances like we've had & I might actually start to miss him. Not 6.5 million$ worth of salary capped emotion or anything, but there are worse #6 d-men out there.

Anonymous said...

We NY Rangers fans are true fans no doubt. However this game has a human factor that we need to understand. After watching that clip for the first time I realized that say what we want about Wade as a player for our team he has been humbled and during his time with our team he has stated that"Love the game and it will take care of you". Tru Dat he still has passion for the game and really he has a humility factor that we fans do not see in players. He is a good human being and for that we must never forget about any of our players. I personally did not like the player Wade Redden but, have more respect for the Human Being Wade Redden. I wish him great KARMA. Because he has good KARMA. Lets all remember that and we will all enjoy and respect our players more.

Remember the Dignity Factor of a player and forget "The Madison Avenue Factor" and we all will reap the fruits of their labor on the ice" For all NY Rangers fan please reader the book "Losing The Edge" by Barry Meisel.

Anonymous said...

I commend BlueIce for the insightful comments. I have been a Wade Redden fan since Day one in Ottawa and always valued the content of his character as much as the quality of his work. True the Rangers have never seent he best of Wade Redde but maybe because as a commodity he was totally mismanaged. In Ottawa he was prime in his role as a leader on the team. In New York he was bannished, stripped of a leadership role out of the gate. The torterella factor does not help. Some players need a little coddling in order to perform. In Hartford he has been given a leadership role, provided with the A and is thriving. If only the coaching and managements could have seen that was what was needed.

Anonymous said...

not to be harsh, but it seems youre losing sight of reality.

wade redden became a free agent and accepted ALOT of money to come to NYC and perform at that high level.

when he could not, he must accept all the consequences that come with it, being booed, and ultimately banished to the AHL, which based on his performance is where he belongs. and hes making over 6 mil a year to do it, for 3 more years!!

I know if i did my job the way he did his, i would also expect to get booed and demoted.

its reality.

Jack said...

Redden is a pylon with cement hands...please don't forget what it was like watching him play.

LI Joe said...

redden is not on the tem anymore except during summer cap time. so time to move on - bashing him does no good.

LI Joe said...

oh and kevin thanks for the video

i agree with blueice

Rick said...

Redden as a player who commanded a 6+M contract must live up to those demands. We all agree that if his salary was at 3.5M there would not have been a problem. For fans and management, it was a decision not to support a player under those terms.
Wish Redden well in the future and hoping that he finds employment elsewhere in the NHL-but above all, just not at our expense of 1/2 the cap.

evantonio said...

Anonymous #2 hits the nail on the head. You accept a salary that makes you one of the highest-paid D'men in the league, you'd better live up to it. And even if you're not living up to it, at least work your ass off TRYING to live up to it.

That was my biggest problem with Redden. He looked like he didn't give a sh*t. He got paid, and that was that. Now that he's been demoted I'm supposed to feel bad for him and embrace Redden the Human? Pshaw, I say. PSHAW.

Redden the Human is the guy who told Redden the Hockey Player that effort was no longer necessary.

LI Joe said...

big dufference between feeling feeling sorry for the guy vs trashing a guy when he's down and no longer here.

i don't feel sorry for him making that much money with a beautiful wife and new born daughter. i also dont see the point in making fun of him now or trashing him now that he;s gone

icycup said...

i dont understand the redden love in here. i dont care about what kind of person he is. i dont care at all. im a rangers fan and i only care about how he played as a ranger. he played with no passion, at all, ever. he also played with no skill at all as well. and to bash him after hes gone and many of ours wishes came true? WHY NOT. good riddance.

LI Joe said...

icycup - which shows why you would not be the type of person i'd like to hang around. i don';t have much use for people who bash someone when they're down. and btw i'm far from a redden lover. he deserved to go to minors but since he's gone no need to revisit the past and trash the guy.