Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Million Served

I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that at some point last night The New York Rangers Blog received it's 1,000,000th hit.

That to me is such a staggering number and I'm so ridiculously thankful for everyone who visits, participates and spreads the word about my little blog.

What really excites me is that 750,000 of the hits have come in the last year (I'm on pace for a record this month) meaning that the blog is continuing to grow and reaching a larger audience.

And with the Rangers showing that they could be an entertaining team this season I know this upcoming year can be even better.

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evantonio said...


Suck it, you million others.

Congrats, Kevin. Keep up the great work!

Go Blue.

Pete J said...

Congrats Kev!! You deserve each one of those hits with all the hard work you put into this blog every day.

serge said...

kev, congratz!!!

that's really awesome!!!!

you should add a feed counter to your rss feed. i'm sure alot of people (myself included) only read blog via rss and never actually visit it.

keep up the great work!!!!!

Brett C. said...

Hey Kevin, great work

Your giving all us Rangers fans a place to call home, keep it up!

Jack said...

I'm curious to know the Google Analytic direct vs. referral traffic.

Nice job man! Rock n roll.

Kevin DeLury said...

Thanks everyone. Jack I think you were the first hit I had on the blog.

William said...

Congratulations man. that's huge

Vinny C said...

We are grateful to you, Kev. Your dedication, passion, and point of view is a valuable source for fellow NYR fans.

LI Joe said...

congrats kevin