Saturday, October 16, 2010

No Surgery for Drury

@thenyrangers tweets...

Torts also says that Drury will not need surgery on the new fracture in his fingerless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

They also tweet that Vinny Prospal will have exploratory surgery on Tuesday and depending upon what the doctor sees will determine how long he'll be out.

Jim Cerny tweets that Marian Gaborik is frustrated with the injury but is trying to stay positive, while Drury is fit to be tied.

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Evan S said...

Gotta feel for Drury, whose role has been so reduced that when he actually plays in it, he breaks his finger TWICE. As for the Gaborik injury, I am furious that Tortorella did not send Boogaard out there to pound Armstrong's face in. The guy took out Gaborik dirtily, and hurt him, and Boogaard is paid to PROTECT HIM. And yet...

Kevin DeLury said...

I'm with you Evan. I thought the acquisition of Boogaard would have stopped something like this from happening.

Last night, not only did it happen, but he did nothing about it. Nothing was also done when Lundqvist got run in the first period.

Starting to get worried this is Brashear Part 2?