Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frolov Needs to Step Up

John Tortorella tells Steve Zipay at Blue Notes this about Alex Frolov...

"Even with Gabby in, it’s important to get Frolov going," Tortorella said. "He’s done some really good things protecting the puck. He’s a really good wall player as far as the strength he has on the puck, it’s just getting him to feel good about his game offensively. He’s always working on the other part of the game, asks a lot of questions, he needs to score a goal or two to help him with some confidence. Obviously it’s more important now... We want him to shoot, we need him to score goals, now with losing our top two guys from last year. He’s a pretty rounded player, it’s just gaining some confidence."

...he had such a great preseason. Not sure what's going on now. He better find his game quick because the Rangers are going to need him if they want to stay competitve while Gaborik is recovering.

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AnnoyingJoe said...

Who's Frolov?

And boy did Brooks nail the Bogaard signing in the Post today. Who's going to fight him?

Charlie Farrell said...

Maybe it's because we don't have a real first line center. I said it before, Christensen is not that guy. He's just not. No matter how hard you try to convince yourselves, he's a 3rd liner. Like a lot of guys on our team. Stepan brought the best out of that line. And although he's young, he's the only one that has the potential to be that guy.

And is anyone going to tell our defense to stop pinching in the grey zones? Like I understand jumping up in the offensive zone for a loose puck, but we're doing it all over the rink. There's odd man rushes every other minute. Our offense and defense just aren't on the same page.

One more thing.... I let Del Zotto slide last year because he was so good offensively despite his terrible defensive zone play. I figured this year, he would get stronger, get smarter, and it would be a better year. I don't think he did anything over the summer and it's tough to watch him play everyday.

All I have to say is that I feel bad for Henrik. He deserves a raise. Maybe Dru and Rozy can shed some salary for him?

William said...

I agree with those comments completely.

Also, hate how Torts has to tow the line as far as saying Drury was one of two top guys last year. the guy f$cking sucks. it's laughable actually to have his name spoken in the same breath as Gaborik - as far as importance to this team. give me a break.

William said...

trade for Richards. end o story. He's 28, prime of is career, evidently recovered from off season minor surgery. but...we also need a 3/4 d-man

LI Joe said...

charlie - how much more do you want henrik to get paid in a cap league. he'll have enough money if he lasts to 200. and cba does not allow any give backs salary wise other than escrow that all players are subject to.

william - drury led team in goals 1st yr and in game winnig goals that yr. and had 22 2nd yr which if that was last yr would have been 2nd on team. yes 1 bad yr last yr. and he played 9 minutes this yr and won't be around until december. can't you find something else to whine about in the meantime, oh and btw richards is 30 and will be 31 in may

Sfalcon27 said...

I think torts might be talking about prospal still being injured. It would make more sense at least. Also, Afro is doing fine. Sure, it would be nice to see him score, but we can't bring him in expecting a 60+ point season, or there is a damn high chance we will all be dissapointed.

Rick said...

Would love to have Richards on this team. At 30 he is just entering his prime years and baring injury should be good for the next 5-6 years. After a broken right wrist and then a fractured left wrist that needed surgery in 08-couple that with shoulder surgery around the same time. Had hip surgery in April 09 for a labrum tear and still produced 91 pts last year, I would take him in a heart beat. A player like Thornton who has exceptional hockey sense and sights with better hands.

William said...

Li JOe, you're delusional if you think Drury is worth speaking of as a top offensive player. Since joining the Rangers, he's been a minus player every year, hasn't exceeded 30 goals and or sixty points in a season, gets paid as if he produces on a level akin to a player like Richards, and you have the audacity to challenge me. get a clue kid. you're obviously in love with Drury.

And by the way, players who don't show decline at the age of 30 are worth considering. Our two best players are approaching thirty, so logic necessitates that if we want to be successful while those guys are in their prime, we need a player of Richard's caliber for the next 2-3 years now. honestly LI Joe, you're a tool.

Sure, Stepan has the potential to be a #1 center, but that could be a 2-3 years off. If we can get Richards in a possible swap, and maybe sign him at a relative discount, then it's a pretty good idea. Not as if we're about to snag a young centerpiece like Stamkos, Kopitar, Backstrom, Malkin, or even Stastny in the next year. Why not give a proven veteran a shot? Christ, 30 is not that old provided your career stats aren't submarining like a Drury or Redden.

William said...
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William said...

anyway, it's probably a moot pt, as Richards continues to crush it as a top 5 center, leading the league in pts thru week 2. But seriously people, go ahead and challenge me that he's not a worthy center candidate (cause he's 30). Dallas is 4-0; so, unless this is a lucky start and they prove to be a shit team, it's likely they wont be shopping him.

LI Joe said...

oh my god william called me a tool. i haven't been called that since high school

the references to drury 1st 2 yrs are stating facts - that he did lead team in goals 1st yr and 2nd yr had 22 which would have been 2nd on team last yr.

so despite what the all mighty william from the internet said drury did fine as an offensive player before injuries caught up to him - bone breaks and now 3concussions

and next time you tout a player at least use his correct age