Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weise, MZA Up for Tonight's Game

Andrew Gross tweets...

Dale Weise and Mats Zuccarello up for tonight's #NYRangers game at Ottawa. Marian Gaborik and Ryan Callahan reportedly will not dress.less than a minute ago via HootSuite

Gross adds in another tweet that neither Gaborik nor Callahan are injured. They are just being rested.

...nice little opportunity here for MZA to show Torts & Co. that he's made some progress down in Hartford.

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Dan W said...

MZA gets thrown around out there but Id rather see him make it so we dont have to sign Fedotenko

BlueIce1718 said...

This team should have been Tom Renney's Team. He is a developmental coach. That's why Tambaline fired Quinn and hired Tom Renney. Tom does well with Rookies breaking into the league. Mark my words Torterella will blow the confidence of these new potential stars. The rookies will get gun shy once Torterella starts his shit with" I lost him in the first" We know what we did bullshit. Anyone wanna bet? None of the rookies will make the squad. Torterella will get fired. 10 games in!!! Torterella doesn't deserve these kids. These kid's are trained to take a puck to the face for a coach but not a coach like Torterella.

theking said...


Not many people get this title but you are a "clown". Torts is a great coach, you are just a hater. Torts is a tough coach and says it how it is. Its funny how Dubi and Cally have become better players since Torts came. And how good did Renney do with Prucha, Dawes, and the others?? Thats right. The whole line up this year wont be rookies but I guarantee the Rangers will be up there with the most in the NHL. One more thing stop calling the prospects kids!!! I am around their age and I'm a man! I dont call myself a kid, these players are adults. Call them Prospects or Rooks... clown!

LI Joe said...

disagre with dan. fedotenko has earned his spot this yr