Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stepan: For Some Reason We Seemed to Click

Jesse Spector at the Daily News has this quote from Derek Stepan on playing on a line with Sean Avery and Ruslan Fedotenko...

"I feel prepared, and I've got linemates to help me out - I've got Feds and Aves, two veteran guys that know how to work it," Stepan said. "Like I've said from Day 1, wherever they feel is the right fit, is where I'm prepared to play. I feel this is a good spot, and I'm excited. For some reason, me, Aves and Feds just seemed to click the first game we played together."

...while I'd love to see Stepan on the top line, I think playing on the third line will take some of the pressure off of the kid and allow him to play his game.

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KCinMN said...

TSNBobMcKenzie tweets:
NYR put Tim Kennedy and Todd White on waivers.

Freeing cap space..??

Kevin DeLury said...

Got it. Thanks.

Elissa said...

I absolutely loved DStep centering Gaby and Frolov and wanted to see it all the time (and who knows, he might move back up there when EC fails), but he's right, there was something about that third line that just worked. I love that line and it's the main reason I was happy we signed Feds.