Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reaction to Stepan Hat Trick (Updated)

Update, 12:45 a.m.:
Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog has more quotes.

Original Post:
Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants has reaction to Derek Stepan's hat trick...

Ryan Callahan
"I’m happy for him,” Callahan said. “It’s unbelievable. He played a great game. The whole line (also Sean Avery and Ruslan Fedotenko) did. Aves and Feds set him and that’s good to see.”

John Tortorella...
“I haven’t been around it,” said Tortorella when asked if he’d seen a better NHL debut. “I guess he’s the fourth guy to do it. He did a lot of other things than score goals. It was a good line for us offensively and defensively.”

Ruslan Fedotenko...
“I think he’s a pretty humble guy,” Fedotenko said. “I’m very happy for him, how he started. If he keeps improving as a player, it’s going to be great. (Avery) has some good speed and forces the defense to make mistakes and I do the same thing. The defense made a couple of bad decisions and covered the wrong people and Derek was in the right spot.”

Stepan on his hat trick...
“You dream of playing an NHL game,” Stepan said. “But you don’t dream about a game like this.

“It felt great that I got some chances,” he added. “I couldn’t believe I missed (an empty-netter, I choked under pressure. It’s great for me in kind of getting my feet wet in my first NHL game. It was nerve-wracking but I settled in.”

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Evan S said...

The one thing I noticed from this game is Avery. He was playing EXACTLY how he needs to, involved, but not stupid. He needs to force the other team's hand and make them take penalties, but not take them himself. It was something he didn't do last year. My stance stays the same: if he plays that way EVERY night, keep him, otherwise he isn't welcome on the team.

Kevin DeLury said...

I think a game like tonight also showcases his skill level.

Most fans of other teams think he's just a goofbal, but the guy can play.

KD said...

totally agree...What's great about this line is that when teams start putting all their attention on Stepan to shut him down, there will be Avery to make plays...also, Avery can take players attention away from Stepan allowing him to be more effective.

Avery is very important to this team.

Rick said...

Evan: I agree. If Avery plays the game 1st, then there is no issue from fans,management and teammates. If he plays the aggitator, he is not involved in playing hockey and becomes ineffective as a player and linemate. He has better hockey skills than half the players, but it does no good not use those skills in the game.