Friday, October 1, 2010

Prospal Shut Down

Updated: 11:20 p.m.:
Carp has these quotes from Torts on Prospal...

“We’re going to keep (Prospal) off the ice for a couple of weeks, rest him, try to get him back on the ice after that and see how it reacts."

On whether there’s structual damage that might need surgery?

“No, not right now. It’s a situation where we want to approach it conservatively, and it’s not so much a lot of pain, it’s just some swelling that goes on with it. … We didn’t even go there (surgery). So he’s frustrated. He wants to play. But this will be the best thing. It’s been a lot of skating, so he’s going to continue to work out, keep his strength up, but as far as skating we’re going to leave it alone and see how that reacts.”

Original Post:
Rick Carpiniello at the Rangers Report notes that Vinny Prospal will be shut down for a couple of weeks to rest his right knee, which continues to swell when he skates.

Carp adds that after exams today, team doctors met with Prospal and John Tortorella following tonight’s game, and the decision was to keep him off skates for a couple of weeks, then see how the knee reacts when he skates.

...this was the reason I was against the Rangers re-signing Prospal. Older player coming off knee surgery. Never a good mix.

Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog reports that Torts still believes Chris Drury will end up on the IR.

...if Drury and Prospal end up starting the preseason on the IR the Rangers won't have to cut any forwards. Which would just delay the inevitable for White and possibly Kennedy.

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KD said...

I don't think it's a coincidence that the Rangers are undefeated with Drury out of the lineup.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Rangers are undefeated with Drury out of the lineup...

Or did he pop in for a couple shifts in the loss to Detroit to play with a broken finger just for funsies?

Kevin H. said...

F'in Sather. Did Sather even have Prospal's knee checked out before signing him??? You would think the fact that someone CAN'T SKATE would deter you from resigning them, but you would, you know, have to actually look into that first. I hate that guy.

William said...

when is going to update our roster and cap situation? A) it's annoying seeing Redden, Brashear, et al on the list and B) I'm wondering what the reality is as far who we can afford to keep as extra under various scenarios.

Btw, last night was one of the best games i've been to, and it was Preseason. not sure what that means

William said...

on Prospal signing, that really was a mistake, which is now much more glaring. He will at best play 55 games this season, as I see this being a nagging situation that will ultimately require untimely surgery. He's a $2.1 million hit, which was basically his reward for playing marginally well on a line w/ top 5 NHL forward (he sucked upon his return from injury last year - so effing slow). So, as to why Sather signed him is beyond me, but pretty standard for him. If we had that cap room back and with a little wiggle room now that Redden's gone, we could have landed ourselves a much better centerman in the $4m range

LI Joe said...

gotta admire the drury haters. they'll even lie to prove a point. they lost 2 games without drury - 1 at the time of kds post

william - prosal only gets 2 mm if he meets certain bonus criteria otherwise i think its closer to 1 mm