Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Power Rankings

After one week, has the Rangers at #10...

10. Rangers - What a start for rookie center Derek Stepan, who notched a hat trick in his first NHL game as the Rangers beat Buffalo 6-3 to open their schedule.

...this ranking obviously doesn't include Monday's game. Love how the Rangers can go up 12 spots after just one win. ESPN is just awful.

CBS Sports and Fox Sports
have also released their power rankings.

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-DO said...

Yeah, no doubt. Also note Leafs went from 23 to 4; Stars 20 to 3; Oilers 29 to 6 (!!!); Pens 7 to 27; Devils 6 to 28.

Good god, nothing like admitting that your power rankings are totally useless.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree how brutal ESPN is when it comes to Hockey but have you noticed that it seems there has already been more highlights, more top 10 plays, and more talk about hockey on ESPN already than in a long long time.
could someone at ESPN have hinted that Hockey is a popular sport and is a lot more exciting to see a rediculous save by the King, or a Gabby goal than watching some guy dunk??
I hope so because the more the better...nothing can top the NHL Network though

Rick said...

Besides an occasional college football game, I cannot honestly say I can remember that last time I watched a sports related broadcast. They have become irrelevant in my view.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Rick, especially national broadcasts. There's so much local coverage, who needs ESPN?

Jake B said...

They shouldn't have power rankings until at least two weeks into the season.

Preseason ranks shouldn't change until teams play at least 6-8 games.

Rick said...

@AnnoyingJoe: What you don't like bull fighting?, rodeo?, badminton? or the classic cricket tournament?
Shame on you!

Evan S said...

ESPN's power rankings go up and down all the time. For baseball, they change weekly. That being said; your rookie has a hat trick in his debut and they combine for 10 goals without Gaborik or Frolov in two games? That sounds like progress to me.

Rick said...

by some of the comments I don't believe that everyone is on the same page when it comes to power rankings. Power rankings are good for the present-they indicate who is hot and who is not. It has nothing to do with where a team should be at the end or how strong they are overall.