Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy takes a look at the top players from each team and their over/under for point production for this season...

Marian Gaborik: 85.5 pts.

Alexander Frolov: 59.5 pts.

Vaclav Prospal: 52.5 pts.

Brandon Dubinsky: 46.5 pts.

...i think it's pretty safe to say you can take the under on Prospal to the bank. far as the others I'd like to hope Frolov and Dubinsky would be over, although Dubinsky I think had just one point in the preseason, and Gaborik might end up being under. Just slightly.

...h/t to reader Chef Dave.

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William said...

a healthy Gaborik, also no nagging injuries that will diminish his acceleration, shouldn't have a problem putting up 80+ pts, but i might be inclined to go under if i were betting. though id obviously like to thinik more positively. I'd also like to Frolov could put up 65 pts, at least - given how underrated a passer he is. i mean, didn't Zherdev have 65 pts two yrs ago?

If we had a guy like Richards (see prev. comment on Waivers post), Gabby could potentially crack a 100 on a line rivaling San Jose's top dogs.

LI Joe said...

richards had off season surgery and i fully expect his stats to diminsh

i think the guy is right on in dubinskys stats can see within a point or 2 assuming he stays healthy all yr