Friday, October 15, 2010

Maple Leafs 4, Rangers 3, OT

The New York Rangers (1-1-1) lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs (4-0-0) by the score of 4-3 in overtime, tonight. For a recap and box score go to Yahoo! Sports and that's a tough game to analyse. It was like the good, the bad and the ugly out there.

...i'll start with the good. I know it's only one game but I wrote off Boyle real early this off-season and he has proved me wrong. Great job stepping up with the Gaborik and Drury injuries.

...without Lundqvist the Rangers get no points tonight.

...once again the Rangers showed outstanding fight to comeback after that dreadful second period.

...i've killed Eminger early on this season, but he is the only defenseman throwing his body around out there. Nice to see. penalties (that was a penalty on Staal) and 0-f0r-5 on the power play. Not going to win many games with those numbers.

...saw a glimpse of the bad Avery tonight with the slash on Komisarek which could have really hurt the Rangers. Was nice to see him bounce back after that when he was probably the best player on the ice.

...Rangers got real lucky with Gaborik's health last season, let's hope that tonight's injury isn't a hint of things to come.

...Frolov again invisible.

...really disappointed that Boogaard and Orr didn't get at it. But I've got to give credit to the Boogie Man for coaxing Orr into a penalty in the third.

...didn't think it was possible to score a goal and be the worst player on the ice, but Rozsival managed to do that tonight. He looked liked he'd never played hockey in the second period.

...the only thing worse than Rozsival tonight was the Rangers decision to book Ace Frehley for the player introductions. Man that was awkward. It was hilarious to see MSG bail out of that real fast when they cut away to Sam.

...Dubi-Anisi-Cally continue to be the best line.

...Rangers back at it on Monday against Avalanche.

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James Wrabel said...

Drury breaks same finger again - out 6 weeks
Gaborik seperated shoulder - 2-4 weeks
Prospas surgery on injured knee AGAIN - out indef.


Kevin DeLury said...

Not the best home opener.

vin said...

msg tried to do to much it was pretty brutall

AnnoyingJoe said...

I'm sorry, who's this Frolov?

John said...

Gilroy is killing us in the defensive end. Bring back Sauer. Emminger on the PK in OT? Emminger???

MBarber said...

I think Torts aggressive 2 man forechecking system doesn't work. Tonights game looked like pond hockey! I'm not sold on his philosiphy. They need a better defensive system because the aggressive forecheck and the defensive pinching make it wide open once u get caught. Renney made the playoffs every year with his system and fans wanted his head but Torts misses the playoffs in his first full season and there's not much said about that.

LI Joe said...

orr would have been crazy to fight tonight. thankfully he didn;t as he;s a good guy and after the vicious hit he took the other night his health is more important - rather than just serving as "entertainment" for some fans

KCinMN said...

What's up with Staal? He was a step behind all night long. Penalty in OT. Lost puck battles behind Hank. He was standing straight up at the blue line unable to do anything with passes in the offensive zone. Staal needs to come better prepared and ready to go! He needs to be the best D out there every night for the Rangers to be successful.

chef dave said...

The D on this team needs to wake up. 30 shots in the first 2 periods? I'm beginning to wonder just how many (salary capped)teams can really play Torts system. Until we get 6 Brian Leetchs on the back line anyway.