Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ESPN Ranks Rangers #22

In ESPN's first power ranking of the season they have the Rangers at #22...

22. Rangers - I actually don't mind what this team did during the offseason, but my biggest concern is the division in which it plays. The Atlantic is the toughest in the East.

...i'm officially never posting anything from ESPN.com ever again. Could these guys know any less about hockey? Unreal.

...although this most definitely means the Rangers are going to have a great season.

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Anthony Peretore said...

The Rangers finished 21st overall last season and in my opinion, didn't do a ton this off-season (not doing back flips for Frolov just yet) to propel them much higher. I realize most fans on this blog are drinking the kool-aid (and rightfully so) but you can't really blame ESPN for keeping the Rangers right around where they finished last year. This is still a very young, inexperienced team with a swiss cheese defense. Sorry to be so cynical this morning, but I don't think 22 is as crazy as you're making it out to be.

Mattias said...

I think the reaction is more about "why" they put the rangers in that position... If they can give valid reasons why they'd put the rangers in that position, it might make sense.
However the reason they gave is really... stupid.

William said...

Wyshneski made a bizarrely off point comment in that Puckdaddy post that ESPN hockey routinely picks the Rangers to do well. Funny, b/c it's usually exactly the opposite like in this case. That firecrotch pundit over at ESPN predicts a 12th place Rangers finish. see http://espn.go.com/nhl/preview2010/team/_/name/nyr

His thesis is entirely flawed. Don't understand how the hockey media consensus has the Rangers finishing 3-4 spots below last year when they've made moves that certainly bolstered their O, have a more experienced youthful D poised to make strides, and (cross your fingers) a sure-handed backup in Biron. Their logic is nothing short of mind-boggling.

I was compelled to make a biting comment below the article.

Anthony Peretore said...

Yeah, Biron looks great.

Kevin DeLury said...

Anthony, I think I sense some sarcasm.

LI Joe said...

agree with anthony

espn.com has pretty good coverage including video preview dib by div. they do have some good hockey guys on web not on tv too much