Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Drury Practicing on Top Line (Updated)

Update, 2:17 p.m.:
Jesse Spector at the Blueshirts Blog reports that Tortorella said he has no idea where Drury will play Friday night and that he didn't want to upset the Anisimov and Stepan lines.

Update, 1:58 p.m.:
Cerny tweets that Torts made it perfectly clear that Drury will be playing Friday night.

Update, 12:45 p.m.:
Drury tells Jim Cerny he was only filling in as the 1st line center because Christensen was out.

Update, 12:34 p.m.:

@thenyrangers tweets that Drury says he should be ready to go Friday night.

Meanwhile, Andrew Gross at Ranger Rants tweets that Christensen is saying the same thing.

...should be real interesting to see what Torts does with the lineup Friday night. My gut says, White down to Hartford and Christensen to the press box.

Original Post:
Steve Zipay tweets...

Chris Drury on ice for practice in blue jersey with Gaborik, Frolovless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

...instead of rocking the whole boat, if Christensen can't go this probably makes the most sense. has been debated, Drury has showed (unfortunately only Buffalo) that he can be a scoring threat when given the opportunity.

Zipay adds that Christensen is not on the ice.

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chris said...

once christensen comes back the 4th line cneter spot is the only one open it seems like

-DO said...

Funny, everyone saw Drury as 1st line center when he was brought in, and the only reason it was debatable was because we also had Gomez. Gomez won that draw and Dru has been on the 2nd/3rd line since, despite the fact that we haven't had a 1st line center in a while. Imagine if Drury clicks with either of these guys like he did with Briere in BUF. This line would be tough to play against at either end. I wonder how many shifts it will last before Torts panics.

Rick said...

I would rather see Boyle continue to handle the 4th line because of his size and work ethic. EC would be a wasted skill on the 4th and Steps should work the 3rd line. For Steps it is line to work himself into the NHL without the expectations of production that accompany the first two lines. If Dru works himself into the 1st line duties I think that EC has worked himself out of a job.

Evan S said...

If Drury clicks with Fro and Gaborik, you have to wonder if it was the rangers all along that accounted for his lack of production. I have been keeping track, in 3 full years as a ranger, he RARELY to NEVER plays with premier talent. In his first season he spent a little time with Shannahan and Straks, but they were both declining before centering Dawes and Callahan during the golden age of the 08-08 season. Beyond that its been very little talent...see what the righty can do dishing it to Gaborik on the right wing.

Evan S said...

Correction: I was referring to the post all-star break of 07-08 when Jagr picked it up while playing with Dubinsky and Avery while Drury was on the 3rd line. That was the rangers best consistent performance since the lockout

LI Joe said...

plenty of other injuries to come so even if a guy sits for a game or 3 he'll get a chance again sooner rather than later

LI Joe said...


drury did lead team in goals 1st yr here with 25 and in game winning goals that yr. 2nd yr i think was either 22 or 23 goals so i take issue with the "only scored in buffalo"