Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boogaard vs. Orr May Be On Hold

One of the most anticipated aspects of tomorrow's home opener against the undefeated Maple Leafs is the inevitable battle between heavyweights Derek Boogaard and Colton Orr.

However, something happened last night that may have put the kibosh on it.

Yes, Orr got knocked the #uck out!!!

Orr, who scored earlier in the game, didn't return after hitting his head on the ice. No word on his availability for tomorrow night., not sure Orr has ever taken a shot like that.

...if Orr doesn't play tomorrow night you have to wonder if Boogaard is ever going to fight.

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KD said...

that is NOT good for my Fantasy Team....(my other league counts PIMs)

Sh*t he just caught it hard on the chin.

Matt said...

Whatever, it's happened like once in his career. Plus he scored last night and is a +3! I'm routing for him over Boogard for sure.

Chris said...

That was still a hell of a fight either way.

God I miss having him on the team.

Puck Central said...

If Orr plays then they will still go IMO. Carkner put Orr down last season and a few nights later they fought again and Orr TKOed Carkner. If Orr is playing then he'll want to re-establish himself quickly.

The reason I say "if Orr plays" is b/c that was a hell of a shot & I wouldn't be surprised if that resulted in a concussion.

The good news is the Leafs play the Rangers 3 other times this season, so they are going to fight at least once this season!

icycup said...

LOL. the instant replay was sponsored by a hospital?

SaucyJ said...

Orr also got hit pretty good by professional hockey player Jody Shelley last year (love calling him that for some reason). That said you can pretty much count Orr's clear losses through his career on one hand. He wins most of em. He is the exact opposite type of fighter than say Darren Langdon, Langdon was a technique guy, Orr just hates to wrestle and wants to swing. While he ain't Joey Kocur he's one heckuva fighter.

PS You'd have to pay me more than a mil a year to have to fight Boogaard a couple days after taking that shot.

Andrew_794 said...

leafs still have some fighters leftover and in the minor leagues to call up....very doubtful any of them will take a run at boogy though..without orr on the ice it should make averys job a bit easier

Jason G. said...

So much for that whole article I wrote late in the summer.

chris said...

Boogard almost scored vs the Islanders but he's really SLOOOW out there. He needs to drop another 25 pounds.

Orr worked really hard to improve his game. WE paid a lot for Boogard it would be a shame if torts just sends him to the minors