Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Leadership Change

Andrew Gross tweets...

#NYRangers coach John Tortorella says no change to team leadership: Chris Drury the captain, Vinny Prospal and Ryan Callahan the alternates.less than a minute ago via web

...i'd still rather see Gaborik as captain, but changing leadership, which we discussed at length in a guest blog post this summer, probably isn't the best thing for this team as I feel they need stability.

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chef dave said...

While I personally think the whole letter thing is a bit overblown, I agree with Kevin that the team just needs consistency right now. Next year Prospal might not be around & that could open up a letter for a younger player who will be around for awhile (Staal, Girardi, Gaborik, maybe Dubinsky).

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Kevin DeLury said...

Love the commercial Anonymous!!!!

MBarber said...

I would give the captaincy to Lundqvist. He's by far and beyond the leader of this team.

K. Donnelly said...

Not to start a big thing again, but I'm with Kevin, the Rangers' Captain should be Marian Gaborik. It's like Ovechkin or Crosby not being Captain.

Moreover, I agree that the Rangers need consistency...However, the Rangers played inconsistently under Renney...then they got a whole new team...and still they were inconsistent under Torts.

The only constant is Drury.

Change it up already.

Jack said...

...and just one thing about the "Leetch not being a good Captain or wasn't as good of a player when he had the C yada yada" talk. He was captain of Team USA in the World Cup Of Hockey (vs. Canada).

The NHL Network showed that game not too long ago. AWESOME hockey.