Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rangers Talk Loss to Red Wings

Steve Zipay at Blue Notes has these quotes...

“We have to figure out who we are in the middle of the ice, who we are in the back end,” said Rangers coach John Tortorella after the Wings skated around and past the Blueshirts in a 5-3 win last night, out shooting the visitors 34-21. “It was a struggle, not just our defensemen, but all and all in our end zone. All this circling…you have to stop and start in the end zone, that team over there, you circle, they expose you. And they had the middle of the ice on us all night long.”

“We were a little in awe of them, gave them too much respect at the start of the game,” said Todd White. “All their systems are full go.”

“They’re always moving,” said the 20-year-old who left the University of Wisconsin to turn pro. “They find the open man, they make great three-foot passes.”

Jess Spector at the Blueshirts Blog has more...

“I think you have to be really careful not to fall of the map on guys because they struggled tonight, because this is a really good hockey team that we played, basically with their lineup,” Tortorella said. “You have to use the whole body of work as you go through this, not just knee-jerk on one game. And the same thing goes the other way, when they play well. You can’t knee-jerk because they had one good game. It’s got to be body of work over these next couple of weeks.”

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Lee said...

Is there anywhere I can go to sign up and pay for live streams for the Ranger games this season? I feel like the $150 charges is a little pricey.

KCinMN said...

Score should've been 7-3 Wings. One goal didn't count as Rangers got quick whistle even though puck was still alive behind Biron. Another goal was waived off with Holmstrom standing in the crease interfering with Biron. Both goals should've been allowed.

Game was a good test for team. Rangers have lots of improvement area. Make the cuts and instill a system so everyone can get on same page.

Pony up the money for Center Ice or Game Center. Unofficial online live streaming quality is not worth it. Can't go from HD to grainy small screen that's 100 times worse than watching games on a CRT TV.