Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prospal to Miss At Least Next Two Preseason Games

In Larry Brooks article on Sean Avery in the New York Post this morning he gives us an update on Vinny Prospal's knee...

"Vinny Prospal will be held out until at least the last two or three exhibition games because of problems with the right knee that was surgically repaired during the middle of last year."

Brooks thinks Prospal's injury could open the door even wider for Fedotenko to make the team.

...when I first heard about the Prospal injury, I didn't realize it might be this serious.

...between the Drury and Prospal injures maybe Brooks is right and Fedotenko could find his way onto the opening night roster.

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Scotty Hockey said...

Prospal should have been one of those vets who had to earn his job. After half-assing it for a large chunk of last season and disappearing when he was needed most, by complaining about his knee he gets right back in the roster, no questions asked. Nonsense.

rusty said...

If Fedetenko continues to play the way he did last night, he will make the team regardless of injuries. He seems to play well for Torts and if he can come in and score 25 goals, welcome to the team.

Anonymous said...

Prospal, Rose and Drury's injuries might set them up to be the next Redden. I'm seeing some good play from some rookies and veterans on the bubble.

William said...

the rangers are probably a better team without Prospal and Drury in the long run. honestly, fedotenko is a pretty good player on the cheap. in fact, he's a very good 3rd line winger w something to prove.

LI Joe said...

prospal only has this yr left so doubt they'd redden him - maybe disabled list for a while

drury - full no movement clause so best the anti drury faction can hope for is buyout next summer with cap hits next yr and yr after, by that pt he only has 1 yr left anyway

rozy - after this yr he has 1 yr and 3 mm left in cash on his contract so he is tradeable at that pt to a team near the cap floor

avery - not listed but should be. after this yr he . thankfully, only has 1 yr left too