Saturday, September 25, 2010

NHL to Do Hard Knocks Style Show reports that the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins will star in an HBO series centered around their showdown in the Winter Classic.

The network and the NHL announced Thursday that four hour-long episodes of HBO's "24/7" franchise will air before and after the Jan. 1 game at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field.

"When we learned who the two teams were, it piqued our interest," HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg said. "It helped, there's no question. You're taking the two biggest stars in the sport and the two biggest rivals and putting them on the ice." think HBO would have still been interested if it was Rangers/Islanders at Citi Field? Me neither. a reality TV junkie I am super excited for this, but the fact that it's more Crosby tempers some of my enthusiasm.

...h/t to reader Joseph for the link.

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Rick said...

Would like to see the different styles of both camps.But I agree about the Crosbitchy effect and you know he will be the highlight of the show in Pitt, so ya I agree about it being tempered.