Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Headlines

The Bergen Record - Rangers send Hobbit to Hartford

New York Post - Don't ac-cost Rangers for Redden cut

Newsday - Zuccarello a surprise cuts for Rangers

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article from Brooks combatting that dope's article from Canada you posted yesterday. Redden's demotion was his own doing and not the Rangers exercising a loophole. If he had played even 50% of what he was in Ottowa, he would either still be on the team or at least traded to another team. As it stands, he's not even an NHL worthy player anymore.

John said...

Sorry, didn't mean to leave an Annomymous comment.

John Delfino said...

Boy, it's rare that I agree with Brooks, but he is actually spot-on with that article.

AnnoyingJoe said...

Thats my man Brooks!