Monday, September 20, 2010

You Guys Rock!!!

I meant to write this last week, but got caught up with informal practice posts and getting ready for training camp.

I just wanted to thank each and every reader of The New York Rangers Blog.

This off-season has been the most fun I've had with blog since creating it back in 2007.

Whether it's tweeting back and forth with you guys or answering all the e-mails I get on a daily basis (I make sure to answer every one) I absolutely love the interaction I have with you guys and gals. Your comments and opinions add so much to the blog and I don't think it would be as successful without them.

The participation in the guest blog and banner contests as well as fantasy hockey has been obnoxiously ridiculous. For each of them I was hoping for maybe five readers to be interested and each time you all stepped up.

The fact that anyone wants to visit my blog still blows my mind and I promise you that I will continue to pour my heart and soul into this thing.

I'm going to keep the great interaction going as I will be announcing meet-ups before certain games this season (most likely at Trax in Penn Station) as well as numerous post game live chats throughout the year.

So let's keep the comments coming and hope the Rangers can give us a lot to cheer about this season.

Let's Go Rangers!!!


Kevin H. said...

Thank you, Kevin. You do a fantastic job with the blog. I don't even bother with the other sites/blogs I used to check out because you are on top of everything here. Well done.

KD said...

I too only visit this blog.

You do a lot of work for Ranger fans - so the tagline 'doin the dirty work in front of the net for Ranger fans' is very accurate.

I really appreciate your hard work!

wonderin said...

For rangers stuff your blog is tops...for other stuff around the league I check out kuke's korner...good job kev...

Andrew said...

Keep up the good work

Dave said...

Yeah good work Kev, do you think a forum would work on this site? Its kinda a pian having to logon for every comment. :)

AnnoyingJoe said...

best nyr blog, hands down.

Kevin DeLury said...

Thanks for the kind words guys.